Democrats Threaten "Fiscal Cliff" if GOP Doesn't Cave on Tax Hikes

Cast your mind back to last summer, when virtually every Left-leaning politician and columnist in the country was denouncing House Republicans for “holding the country hostage” to their Tea Party demands, or whatever. Many, including the Vice President, ramped up the rhetoric by comparing the GOP to terrorists. At stake was whether Congress would secure dollar-for-dollar offsets to President Obama latest debt ceiling increase request. Democrats — who at first insisted on a “clean” debt increase with no strings attached — eventually demanded a deal that included huge tax increases. Republicans refused. Many painful machinations and meetings later, a tax-free deal was finally struck.* (Our credit national credit was downgraded anyway because Standard & Poor’s didn’t believe our political system was prepared to deal with our crushing long term debt problem in a serious way. They were right. Since the downgrade, the responsible House-passed budget has been rejected by a Democrat-held Senate that hasn’t even attempted to pass its own budget resolution in three years, and by a president whose budget proposals have (a) been unanimously defeated, and (b) not offered any debt solutions — by the White House’s own admission). That was how our leaders approached the last fiscal cliff. With another one approaching, Democrats — to borrow their term — are engaging in some reckless hostage-taking brinksmanship of their own:

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15 comments on “Democrats Threaten "Fiscal Cliff" if GOP Doesn't Cave on Tax Hikes
  1. 0o0 says:

    Hope they create a cliff and take turns pushing each other off. Pelosi or Reid first?

    • colleenf says:

      I’d be very happy to be standing directly behind either one of them at the cliff edge and when I had a “misstep” and oh, gee, I bumped into them and over they went…..well a big old “OOPS!” Sorry ’bout that!

  2. jmsmaxwell says:

    Perhaps it is time we fell of the “Cliff” and discovered financial responsibility in government.
    Pay out debt but cut off the foreign aid to despot countries that are bleeding us dry and
    may of the government programs such as all the welfare benefits to the criminal Illegal
    Alienst who are infesting our nation like cockroches. Cut off the excess government
    growth like the Czary, thousand of IRS agents, and many other agencies that are
    hamstringing our economic growth and national welfare. Over the past three years
    the democrats had control over congress and are still blocking any attempts at a
    budget. No wonder we are at the cliffs edge and teatering with a total lack of any
    type of responsibiltiy by the Ocommunist regeimn. They have single handeldly
    spend more money than any of the past administratin combined together. No extension,
    no more money for the hogs at the trough, time to get lean, mean and serious. Cut
    the welfare rolls of those who are capable of working and remove all the aliens and
    foreigners from the welfare and medicare rolls. If they are not in our country legally with
    proper documentaton then remove them completely.

    • PrepperMan says:

      Regarding the statement: “They have single-handedly spent more money than any of the past administrations combined together.” Who held this record before? Beloved George W Bush! Just because a candidate has a “R” behind their name doesn’t make ‘em a small-government advocate and fiscally responsible.
      Your suggestions for a smaller government are good, but you don’t understand the nature of government. Government is an organism that’s first principle is to GROW! as a manager or supervisor the more people you have under you the higher you can rise and the more money you can make. This applies at all levels of Government.
      Your suggestions on how to reduce spending are good, if a little obvious. The problem is that just too many stinkin’ people are getting paid-off in one way or another. I have heard the statistic that 80% of the population of Louisiana is recieving some form of government assistance check. No wonder this country is bankrupt!

  3. sean murry says:

    i hope they all of them over a cliff good riddence.

  4. jong says:

    Until the real budget can be determined in Nov by the voters it brings an old TOTO song to mind for Boehner HOLD THE LINE

  5. colleenf says:

    This is all by design. This is obama’s plan all along and the idiots in DC (demwit party) think obama will defend them when the people of this country rise up against them and vote the jerks out??? Nope, he won’t. Odumbo is all for odumbo and no one else.

  6. ricbee says:

    If Romney comes out right now with a demand that the GOOP NOT raise the “Debt Ceiling” he will be assured of election.

  7. ijohn69 says:

    We now borrow 45 cents of every dollar we spend, the Democratic left thinks some how they can force the Republicans with a do it or else attitude, we shall see what kind of bobbles the repubbies have at this point.
    Romney needs to show some cajunes and step up and explain the chaos this will create on the country and the world financial markets.
    I sure wish tomorrow was November 6th, so we can get rid of the messiah from Chicago, and start to get our great country back on track.

  8. dad666 says:

    Go ahead and push this country over the edge, its your funeral. Keep up the good work and you will get what you ultimately deserve.

  9. nobody says:

    Let them push us off the cliff. Then we can watch as they blame the GOP. Time for GOP to grow a st and stand firm. But I sadly believe they won’t. Then the Dems will use it against them. Dem will be yelling see the GOP raised taxes. Just watch.

  10. Don’t “blink”, republicans. This is all political bluff and bufoonery. They very likely won’t let this actually happen because should 0bama win (God forbid) another go round, he surely doesn’t want this game to land in his lap, being his own crew’s doing. Even defeated, 0bama’s remaining crew would shoulder the blame for blowing the bottom out of our economic boat. And NOTHING makes a politician pay attention like the possibility of not being reelected. But should it actually happen, it would really crash the ecomony. Prepare while you can.
    surviving urban crisis.

  11. Sometimes I long for the old Democrats from yesterday.
    Because whats coming out of the party nowdays,
    wouldn’t go,or be allowed if the people from yesterday were stilll alive.Liz

    • Rev. Michael says:

      I know what you mean. The GOP has taken the positions of the old-time Democratic party and the Democrats have morphed into the Communist party! I don’t know when the country took a sudden lurch to the Left, but if you talk about restoring some old-time values and balance you are accused of being “an Ultra-Right Wing Kook” and written off as being part of the “fringe element”. Mention that you are a christian (small “c” intentional) or a gun-owner and you are seen as truely loony.

  12. PrepperMan says:

    It’s one more case where the Dems claim that they want “compromise”, but what they really mean is “just do it our way”. It’s like asking a woman to go to bed with you and her saying “No”. You say “Let’s compromise and just do it a little”. Once you get her into position you just ram the heck out of her, just like you originally wanted. That’s “compromise” for you. If you give in, just a little, you’re hosed for sure!