'Indisputable Proof' of Obama Forgery to be Released

At a news conference Tuesday in Phoenix that will be live-streamed by WND, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Cold Case Posse will present “indisputable proof” the Obama birth document released by the White House is a forgery, according to the posse’s lead investigator.

Mike Zullo said the new information was developed during an investigative trip to Hawaii in May.

The investigative team also promises to release more conclusions drawn from computer analysis of the document the White House released April 27, 2011. The White House claimed the document was “proof positive” that Obama is eligible for the presidency under Article 2, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution.

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58 comments on “'Indisputable Proof' of Obama Forgery to be Released
  1. SUSANM says:


  2. Noob says:

    With the crooks in charge at the government level and the media nothing will be done about this losers credentials. The garbage must be taken out in November.

    • del says:

      needs to be taken out long before he can pull a scorched earth program. Old soros has paid this ahole well to destroy our once great country….both need to be incarcerated along with his horrid cabinet, czars, aides, and anyone else around that knew he was phoney baloney!

  3. DEBakaFoxieNews says:

    I pray that Sheriff Joe is under constant protection!! Look what happened to Breitbart!!

    • Evermyrtle says:

      There is nobody whose life is in more danger that is Sheriff Joe Arpaio. All Christians should pray for his safety. His life and his country, are in GOD’S hands. Only GOD can make his undeniable proof work because Obama’s people are geniuses at discarding the truth. LET US PRAY, THAT HIS WILL BE DONE!!!!

    • Yahoo Bob says:

      Do not worry! Soon, the democrats will be huddled in a grass shack, in Kenya, with the illegal alien, wondering WHAT WENT WRONG? Michelle and the two children will mysterously disappear shortly afterwords, as the “illegal” was never married, and he certainly DID NOT SIRE any children.

    • James says:

      Brietbart died of a heart attack brought on by an unhealthy lifestyle. Perhaps you have actual proof otherwise? I didn’t think so.

      • MGJ says:

        It would not matter if there was evidence of fowl play in Briebart’s death. The DOJ is run by a corrupt and lawless racist. The corruption of this administration is unprecedented, and Sheriff Joe has already released enough evidence to prove the Obama Birth Certificate is a fraud. Yet, the pretender continues.

      • amagi says:

        …and then the Medical Examiner died too. Too much death ?

    • whitedove says:

      I join you in that prayer – you are sooooo right!!!! God Bless you Joe!!!!

  4. Jac says:

    May GOD PROTECT SHERIFF ARPAIO, Mike ZULLO, and the posse’! May the truth be revealed, and justice served! He is an imposter!! He hates America, and his plan is to destroy.. Dismantle AMERICA!

  5. rightsman says:

    It is good to vent here and on other sites, but the only way to bring about the change that we are hoping for – Our Fearless Golfer being put out to pasture – is to work a voter registration drive, and get the voter rolls purged of dogs, cats and dead people. Donate a couple of hours each week to organizations like True The Vote, and the King Street Patriots. Judicial Watch, a watchdog organization claims there are 24 million illegally registered voters. Turn off the television, and do your part as a True American and volunteer your time to an organization in your city that is cleaning up the votes.
    Robert Walker

    • Chuck says:

      Well done, Robert. Most who patronize this and other blogs are neither registered, nor do they vote. They do not understand the gravity of what Obama has wrought upon this nation. Romney is the man for the job, at this poit in time, he is smart, experienced in business and government, religious, has high moral and ethical standards, good family man, and wants to return our government to the principles upon which it was founded.

      • Buck U. Ofama says:

        Well said guys. I don’t know that Romney is necessarily the best guy for the job… he is still a big government guy… BUT, we have to rid America from this Marxist/Socialist/Progressive/Mao praising POTUS-POS and if what Arpaio says is true… We need to put Obama in a jail cell next to Eric With-Holder for 30 years for Pergury, Fraud, Obstruction, Forgery, Conspriracy and then add civil penalties fro Circumventing Federal Law and Violating his sworn Oath of Office, just like most of the other corrupt Chicago Politicians already incarcerated. ~ Buck U. Ofama

        • underdog says:

          AND, they should seize obama’s bank accounts and any other means of revenue to turn it over to the US treasury. OH and maybe reward Joe Arpaio for his dilegance.

    • usluv says:

      Not an option when you live in Illinois.Good…very good suggestion tho’

    • HawkCW4 says:

      Well said rightsman and altho I cant think of anything vile enough to happen to Obama for his crimes against America, The only way is to first, Elect Romney as our next president. Then when the smoke clears from that, and Obama care is shredded, and America put back on a righteous path again, Go after Obama, Holder and then investigate Pelosi and Reid as to what and when they knew their leader was a phoney American. November is the most important November any living American will ever witness. If it turns out wrong, America may not survive.

  6. Harry says:

    Oh boy oh boy, can’t wait!! I just know I’ll be every bit as blown away as I was the last 27 times that idiot Arpaio announced he had “indisputable proof”!!

    • VT Patriot says:

      So pay no attention Harry, just continue on believing that this fraud-in-chief is being attacked by Sheriff Joe because he’s a racist. Oh, by the way, huffpo called, and they’re missing their village idiot. Give them a call, let them know you’re OK and just out trolling.

      • WinGil says:

        Harry, while strolling, don’t walk into a pack of CRAP EATERS

        • Harry says:

          All right WinGil – kindly tell me where you and your fellow CRAP EATERS are presently located and I’ll be sure to steer clear in my future travels. Many thanks bud!

        • Harry says:

          OK, but hey – kindly tell me exactly where you and your fellow CRAP EATERS are presently located and I will be sure to steer clear in my future travels. Thanks a bunch!

      • Harry says:

        The scorn and reproach of the pack of regressives, sociopaths, Pharisees, and simpletons that overwhelmingly populate this board is all the reward I need for my what you call ‘trolling” here. It provides me hours of hilarity and only makes me stronger and more confident and proud of my belief that the right wing in America has literally gone insane.

    • Harry, you like all the rest of the liberal idiots wouldn’t know the truth if it knocked you over.

    • ravendavid1955 says:

      you are an idiot

    • del says:

      get real jerk….you must be on the take!

  7. Sean murry says:

    With all of obummers crooks in charge at goverment level nothing will be done about this fake.

  8. Oneway says:

    BARRY S. will have his COMMUNIST Goon Squad out looking to Squlech all Proof of that NEGRO BARRY S. is an ALIEN.

  9. jong says:

    Of course having Holder investigate this would be useless. We must make sure that we win the House, Senate and the Presidency and then bring out everything into the open and make sure those responsible go to jail

  10. JJM123 says:

    I’ve lost the Trust, now I require the Verify.
    I guess there are some who will buy that used car just because the seller claims it is flawless. I will test drive it to be sure it’s not going to drive me into a ditch and verify claims with a search of it’s history in CarFax.

  11. Lloyd in Oregon says:

    I have convinced two on-the-fence voters to vote against Obama. One of them had never regestered before. Both are now thinking conservative and are going to vote for Rommney (the lesser of two evils). This is our only chance to save our Country. Everyone needs to do what I have done. Please get people regestered and show them the dangers of our present dictator. We need you to double or triple your vote. Do it now!

    • Star says:

      Good job Lloyd.
      Everyone, visit you local seniors home which is full of people that can not get out to vote. Take them absentee ballots.

      • Buck U. Ofama says:

        EXCELLENT IDEA!!! I will personally hand deliver absentee ballots to all of the Senior Citizen and hospitalized in our area. Everyone else do the same
        ~ Buck U. Ofama

    • maryp912 says:

      You got that right…I’m not real keen on Romney……..but, it is ANYONE BUT OBAMA!!!!
      At least Romney has class…Obama is nothing more than a Chicago Ghetto Gang Member…in an empty suit!!!!!

  12. JIMOFCT says:

    Talk and announcements are a waste of time and energy.
    Hopefully their will be something worth knowing when the announcement and evidence are presented as “real” not just talked about.
    It is probably time for all of the energy devoted to investigating Obama’s lies to be devoted to Obama’s defeat at the polls.
    Voters not investigators must end this administrations damage to America.

  13. TomS says:

    Congress needs to grow a pair & finally impeach Obama, NOW! No waiting for election baloney.

  14. VMJ says:

    Waiting for justice to be served !