Limbaugh: Obama 'Hates' Our Country

Radio giant Rush Limbaugh now claims President Barack Obama hates the United States and is actively doing his best to destroy the American dream.

“I think it can be said now without equivocation that he hates this country. He literally does. I’m not using that as a throwaway term,” Limbaugh said this afternoon.

“I think he literally hates this country and is trying to dismantle the American dream. His policies are doing a damn good job of it. He’s turning more and more people out of work. He’s ensuring that the whole notion of creating wealth is becoming more and more difficult because of things he is putting in people’s way.”

Limbaugh’s comments came as he analyzed a speech given by Obama Friday night in Roanoke, Va., in which the president suggested it was not the hard work of citizens that built the nation, but the power of big

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22 comments on “Limbaugh: Obama 'Hates' Our Country
  1. SUSANM says:


  2. Noob says:

    Any real American figured this out long ago Rush.

  3. 0o0 says:

    And most Americans hate Obama.

    • Michael G. says:

      “ate” is a pretty strong term. Perhaps, Despise, Puke, Hold-Your-Nose…and others. The list might get too long for this post.

  4. kenny1801 says:

    I for one hate the SOB!!

  5. Juan says:

    It’s not just Obama – many others carry this torch of hatred for the USA.

    • Michael G. says:

      These people who feel this should satisfy their needs and find someplace to their liking…other than the USA.

  6. sean murry says:

    Most of us hate this crack snorting SOB.

  7. Oneway says:

    BARRY S. is nothing but a Chicago COMMUNIST MUSLIM Sewer Rat that found his way out of the Gutter People like him have a short life span.

  8. jong says:

    With his marxism that he expresses in his book no surprise. One question though. For some one that supposedly taught Constitutional Law he is not very smart. Our system’s greatest problem is that people like Obama can get elected. They system also has built in protections to recover from exactly what Obama is doing. He could never have won. The most he could hope for is a civil war to change everything which is what would have to happen in order to insure its success. His time is short however, he is quite capable of plunging us into violence.

  9. chuckinva says:

    I wonder how many Americans know what he said in his Roanoke speech when he denounced the idea of the American dream? Most of the lap dog media will not even carry the story or they will twist or parse his own words in an attempt to paint them as somehow mainstream.

    Limbaugh is right, we elected a Marxist president that hates the country that made him who he is. I wonder if he thinks he got where he is because he is smarter more capable that others? If he is as smart as the press would lead you to believe why can’t he fix our economic woes? The answer is that he benefited from the perfect storm so to speak in 2008. The country was anti-Bush and we were in the mist of an economic collapse. He gave pretty speech full of sound and fury signifying nothing!

  10. colleenf says:

    Rush is right!

  11. rockcut says:

    Who in their right mind would lisen to this Snake Oil Salesman who is feeding you minions pure hateful nosense. Anyone who thinks Rush L. has an honest thing to say is really beyond hope!!!!!!

  12. stevor says:

    It’s because obama and these other haters of the USA NEVER EARNED anything and can’t imagine (as in what obama said about business owners and their businesses) that we WORK hard to get what we achieve (whereas they were GIVEN whatever to get where they are) and it’s “not fair” that the USA is “1st world” while there’s a “3rd world”. We should all be “equal” and to get there, the USA has to be RUINED.
    (but obama won’t dare do anything to all the BIG contributors who were born with “silver spoons in their mouths” if they continue to contribute to him)

  13. Brad Nova says:

    Limbaugh is just the lead “bobblehead” for the radical right. All he
    did was take advantage of daddy’s money, stay out of serving in the Vietnam
    war (Like Cheney and Rumsfeld and Bush), and keep up the rhetoric for
    his corporate masters—if anyone is un-American its Limbaugh. He’s all
    about protecting and advancing the “country club set”.

    • johnsnare says:

      Brad, I guess you are happy with Obama? The most secretive, anti American President in our history, and has a wife who is also an America hater. Please, point out the positives that Obama has accomplished. We are not even certain, he is actually an American citizen. Why did he seal all his scholastic records.? What is he hiding.? We have the real Manchurian Candidate, walking amongst us. Four and out. Pleasee..

  14. you poor misled automotron wake up and return to reality

  15. MGJ says:

    There was ample evidence concerning Obama’s radical associations and ideas in 2008, and there was no doubt for any intelligent person who this anti-American, Marxist/Muslim pretender was or what he would do as president. It was a sad and disgraceful day in the history of our country when this radical fool attained the Whitehouse in 2008, and it will be our demise if he keeps it in 2012. And we have far too many like Obama in Congress and every level of government, education and media in this coutnry. We are reaping the results of decades of liberal control of education and media, and If we do not change course soon, our country and our liberties will not survive.