Entire Industry Put Out of Business by Stroke of Obama's Pen

A tiny amendment buried in the federal transportation bill signed today by President Barack Obama will put operators of roll-your-own cigarette operations in Las Vegas and nationwide out of business.

Robert Weissen, with his brothers and other partners, own nine Sin City Cigarette Factory locations in Southern Nevada, including six in Las Vegas, and one in Hawaii. He said when the bill is signed their only choice is to turn off their 20 RYO Filling Station machines and lay off more than 40 employees.

“We’ll stay open for about another week to sell tubes and tobacco just to get through our inventory, but without the use of the RYO machines, we won’t be staying open,” he said.

The machines are used by customers who buy loose tobacco and paper tubes from the shop and then turn out a carton of finished cigarettes in as little as 10 minutes, often varying the blend to suit their taste. Savings are substantial – at $23 per carton, half the cost of a name-brand smoke - in part because loose tobacco is taxed at a lower rate.

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276 comments on “Entire Industry Put Out of Business by Stroke of Obama's Pen
  1. ElizabethMC says:

    Senator Baucus (D), who pushed this amendment into law, makes mincemeat of the democratic mantra that THEY are the party of the little guy.
    Democrats are hypocrites ALL DAY LONG!!!!

    • ijhon69 says:

      Same guy who was drunk on the Senate floor slurring out how we all need tooooo workkkk toogefer, typical of how far down our country has gone.

    • GQ4U says:

      Where was John Boehner?

      • JD Rutherford says:

        the house has their hands tied by Harry Reid and the senate…we need to wake up and realize that the demonizing of the legislature by Obama is being fostered by Harry reids refusal to allow anything to get to a vote in the senate….if you lok at the picture of the O, Reid and Pelosi..it looks strangelylike Satan and the dogs guarding the gates to hell….watch the Omen, they are all in it….also check out the last scene in Stephen Kings.”The Stand”..eerly similar to Obama’s acceptance inauguration in Denver…

        • GQ4U says:

          JD… your points are well taken but they do not address the fact that the U.S. House must pass a laws, then the Senate must pass the law and reconciliation between both houses and a second vote of passage before a President can sign it. I can’t stand Obama but we need to track the source and put blame where it belongs. Harry Reid is a scumbag, we know he’s a snake, he did what we expected, but… John Boehner failed on this one, period.

          We need strong conservative constitutional leadership that will not stand for any further infringements of our rights as Americans. Boehner is not that leader. Cigarettes are unfairly taxed and this legislation is about filling this failing government’s coffers. A large central government that has destroyed it’s fiat currency and is awash in debt will destroy it’s citizens by seizing everything they have, much like a drowning man flails away in complete panic and drowns his would be rescuer. Both are dead.

  2. Susan says:

    we have 2 tobacco stores that sell that kind of cigs here and yes they are shutting down too, more unemployment due to our dictator in the white house

    • Victor Magilke says:

      Thousands and thousands of people will be out of work. This tyranny by the Obama regime must be stopped in November.

      • Bexarpaw says:

        Thats the plan…..more sheep to the slaughter!

      • MarcJ says:

        Do not forget the higher federal and state taxes on cigarettes being avoided by RYO machines.

        • JD Rutherford says:

          there are NO taxes if the form a club and give it away..base the dues on the consumption

      • SC_Gal says:

        We need to vote out every single citizen’s rights sucking Democrat in any office anywhere. All incumbants need to go, but more especially the Dems.
        Incumbant Pubs aren’t anything to write home about either. Those scum buckets have had 4 years to demand to see the microfilm of BHO’s birth certificate, demand to know why BHO uses a Selective Service # issued to someone else, demand to know why he uses a Social Security # issued to someone else & yet they sit in Washington with their finger up their butts doing nothing.
        We need to clean up Washington, sweep the dirt out, throw the trash out, kick the bums out – both parties.

        • GQ4U says:

          Correct. Also we need to begin impeaching judges who refuse to hear cases on Obama’s eligibility and other unconstitutional issues because it doesn’t conform to their political agenda. 545 people control 320,000,000. Isn’t there a saying about a wagging tail and a dog?

    • GQ4U says:

      What about the Republican “House” that voted for this bill?

    • JD Rutherford says:

      tell them to start a smokers club, with the dues being equal to the amount of tobacco purchased..and give the tobacco away..then they arent in violation for selling it…

  3. Rick Tallent says:

    Has anyone said anything about the Obama “Broadband Plan” which is putting Low Power Television out of business and will silence/darken more than half of the full-power broadcast tv stations left??? Well, where’s the outcry over this? My tv station was taken from me and given to AT&T by the FCC WITHOUT COMPENSATION and my only recourse was to start over, minus all of my investment.
    Don’t worry, YOUR industry is next as OBAMA and his Czars sell off America tot eh highest bidder and turnus into a Third World Socialist economy.

  4. Mrs Diane L Logan says:

    Another socialist program to ‘affect’ the little man. Yikes!!! And I am not even a smoker but this is going too far but then what is ‘too far’ to the idiots in Washington?

    • Marliegirl says:

      I quit smoking many, many years ago. But the issue is, each person has the right to do as they wish in this regard – especially in their own home! Just more proof Obama and the Democrats have to go! The problem is getting all those who are soooooo enamored of him to realize it. There are way too many stupid people in this country who just don’t see it – plus he “bought” all those Hispanic votes with his amnesty garbage!

      • abear says:

        Well said. The idiot POTUS and Congress seem to be (about 99% of them) fascists~~!! You’re right – too many stupid “Obamaites” enamored of this Marxist pig. Just my opinion.

        • Roberta Scott says:


        • CIA2 says:

          Ms. Scott, the ones who do know signed NDA’s a long time ago. None of them will risk prison for this Communist. So deal with the rumor. The facts remain buried. GBA!!!

        • CIA2 says:

          I had a reply buy was refused posting. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

        • Joe1938 says:

          Roberta,Ms. Roberta,

          To cover the bases…

          Socialist/communist/marxist/islamofascist .

        • BigIron says:

          Pleas DO NOT associate Obama with a “pig” as this unfairly “demeans” the “pig” which by comparison with Obama is an animal of great redeeming virtue in all facets.

        • Rayr says:

          BWAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! Truer words have never been spoken.

        • Joe1938 says:

          Winston Churchill “I like pigs”
          Sir Winston Churchill: “I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.”

        • Huapakechi says:

          Sir Winston Churchill hated socialists too.

        • DOOMED says:

          The term “hubris” comes to mind. America has over 10 MILLION laws and to think mankind started out with just ten that covered every aspect of human life.

        • Huapakechi says:

          The aim of that overwhelming number of ‘laws’ is to stifle and intimidate. When a person becomes an inconvenience, all the authorities have to do is decide which obscure infraction to charge him with. The perfect defense is to subpoena every law and regulation for presentation at trial, and ask the judge “Am I supposed to know all this? Do you even know all these laws? How many of these laws do you violate every day?”

        • JJM123 says:

          POSER not POTUS. Other than the vote, he has not proven his authority to hold the position of POTUS.

      • Victor Magilke says:

        He bought the entire black community. Colin Powell supports him.
        Coin Powell is another racist. He veiled his true feelings under both Bush Administrations. His name should be spelled Colon.

        • DieHardPatriot says:

          What can you expect Colin Powell ….eeeer I mean COLON Poowell (full of SH**) is a member of the CFL as is Condi Rice and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Hummph Council along with quite a listing of judges ex and present military high brass and captains of the industrial/ unholywood, agri-bis complex , etc. Who ever heard of a council with over 4000 members?..they are a subversive group and anyone in here who doesn’t know the CFR has lost it. Many are members to protect their butts and riches the rest are just Money grubbing control freaks. At the moment I see only one way out of this Buy the most precious metal..LEAD! Buy all the long tern shelf life food and water you can and learn herbals and how to use them for more than seasoning…MEDICINE!…and well I do not think I have to say any more . I am fed up with that zebra Marxist in OUR WH and those spineless so-called Republicans and DA** Demon-O CREEPS. Obama can just just take his pen and shove it where the sun never signs!! Holder needs to wipe the crap off his face ..and it’s about time he kept his face out of the Sewer holes. >:-/

        • Victor Magilke says:

          Excellent commentary. You are a patriot.

        • Victor Magilke says:

          Wow! That’s telling it like it is. You get my vote!

    • joesixpack31 says:

      Diane, these retards in DC passed the “too far” sign long ago.

      • RescueKyron says:

        and they’ve passed the Point Of No Return warning We The People set a long time ago.

    • jude says:

      That’s how obama creates job opportunities for the welfare and food-stamp business. So “How’s That Hope & Change” working for future obama voters. Killing one business at a time. Yours might be next on the chopping block.

      • marys1000 says:

        Industry after industry is taking a hit from one form of Obama or another. The heat pump unit I use can no longer be repaired because parts are no longer available thanks to the EPA banning the R22 freon it uses. I will cost me $5400 to replace it. I hope that mine holds up. I don’t have $5400!

        • MarcJ says:

          Another lying scare by our eco-nazis; they accused leaking freon molecules to rise into the stratosphere where they eat up ozone and thus let pass sun’s dangerous rays to kill us. Not a single freon molecule has ever reached the ozone layer; on the contrary, freon molecules being several times heavier than air, they fall readily on the ground where the earth microbes eat them up immediately; they think of freon as their chocolate icecream.

        • Public_Citizen says:

          The ‘big scare tactic” was used when Dupont’s patent on refrigerant R-11 was about to expire and R-22 [still years to go on their patent] was touted as the safe replacement.
          Another data point on the Fascist devolution of the late great United States of America.

        • falling321 says:

          Marys1000, the same thing just happened to me! AND we were required to replace all the tubing throughout our home because the new coolant cannot even be mixed with the old coolant left in the lines even if they are properly drained and it cost more to clean the old lines than to pull them and replace them. We decided to just have the unit cleaned and replace the motor because $5,800 was too much for us too!

        • That freon ban was dreamed up by DuPont, and supported by the government, to rescue DuPont when the patents they held on freon were about to expire. The new refrigerants they had developed would not be competitive with other companies now able to make freon without paying DuPont a fee. R22 breaks down before it gets 100 feet off the ground, and in no way threatens the ozone. Welcome to your American government, which has been turned into the corporation’s best friend. So, I guess the government is able to make us buy a product, and have been doing so for a long time. We are owned by the government, who in turn is owned by the corporations. Now, break time is over, slaves, get back to work to support those who don’t like to work!

      • Patriot says:

        Did you hear the radio ad that Huckabee played last night encouraging people to apply for SNAP (welfare) – but I have a job – apply; but I own a house – apply; but I own a car – apply. So much for We the People who are footing the bill.

        • Patriot says:

          Oh, I meant that he cited it as an example of how We the People are being abused. Mike Huckabee did NOT agree with it.

        • JD Rutherford says:

          Read the Cloward-Piven Strategy” which was taught toObama in college..and youwill see exactly why things are happening at seemingly a more alarming rate…..I cant even believe anyone believes the crap that comesout of his mouth….I guess if you say it enough lemings start to believe it….

    • Victor Magilke says:

      Diane, You are a patriot with great perception. Its not about smokers poluting the air, its about our constitutional rights. This fascist tyrant must be stopped. Vote republican in November.

    • jong says:

      I have smoked a pipe for many years and the only complaints I have ever gotten are from up tight liberals that look like they have a corn cob stuck up their butts.

      • Mrs Diane L Logan says:

        Jong, my dearest memories are when I sat on my grandfathers lap taking in the smell of his most flavorful pipe tobacco. I am now older than he when he died so someone please tell me how badly I was hurt by that sweet drifting aroma of joy I shared with him? My loving memory of him was enhanced by the reminder of the days we sat together, he smoking his pipe and his granddaughter loving the comfort of his lap.

        • GQ4U says:

          The frightening truth is… Science is IGNORED & MANIPULATED every day—and WE pay the price!
          Step into the shadow of the Department of Health and Human Services
          Dr. Micozzi knew this was
          supposed to be the final blow in the governments’ decades-long battle
          against Big Tobacco. And the right results would influence Congress to
          pass crippling legislation.

          But the room was tense.

          Standing at the side, Dr. Micozzi could read the results as plain as day—there were NO statistically significant conclusions to say there was any negative health effect from second-hand smoke.

          They didn’t have the dagger they desperately needed — so what did they do?

          The room burst into heated debate—fellow respected scientists
          butting heads with “sci-fi bureaucrats” whose sole mission was to walk
          out of that room with their agenda intact—no matter what the results

          In the end—the bureaucrats won and science was pushed aside that day.

          They would interpret the data as supporting the “genuine effect of second-hand smoke causing health problems.”

          They lie & now they control your health care!

          Diane, it is unlikely you were harmed, but even if there were some minor risk the benefit of those memories was well worth it.

        • 4FPatriot says:

          The same corruption reaches through the FDA, USDA, NIH, CDC,EPA and all new agencies legislated under the guise of oversight for consumer protection. They serve only to merge industry greed with government abuse while passing the rising costs of all products on to consumers.
          Yobamacare is but the final monopolizing cap on the pharmaceutical industry merged with the FDA for forced consumer consumption of patent protected poison prescribed by doctors under duress. USDA merged with Monsanto now control 85% of genetically modified world food seed with USDA enforcing cross pollination fines on small farmers that refuse to use Monsanto GMO seed and harassing producers of all organic food.
          Along with water poisoned by chemicals already abandoned in Europe the secondary effect of Monsanto seeds and herbicides creates a continuous supply of patients for the patented pharmaceutical consumption forced through all conventional healthcare.
          Data to prove the parallels between increased consumption of all government enforced poisons and increased disease incidence will continue to be concealed . Data proving the parallel consumption of high fructose corn syrup in canned drinks to the rise in childhood obesity was garnered in the US but compiled and announced in India. Such concealment by government hired to be consumer and military watchdogs will continue to thrive without wide concern and demand by the trusting electorate.
          All legislated devices to restrict or deprive consumers of socially accepted vices are but delays for competitive industries to diversify for continued market share. Search Stanislaw Burzynski for a clear picture of the extent of treachery.

        • JD Rutherford says:

          you lost me at the fructose drinks….much of our obesity is the fact that kids dont get there fat asses out and play….

        • Mrs Diane L Logan says:

          GQ, everytime I enter a governent building it seems I take a risk. I wonder if I will exit with my values, my wallet and my home intact.

        • GQ4U says:

          Mrs. Logan, your fears are justified. Throughout history when governments find themselves in deep debt and no longer able to pay their creditors they look at what their citizens have that can be stolen and they create ways to seize your possessions. This always happens when inept leadership is given control over a fiat currency. Our constitutional democratic-Republic makes this difficult to accomplish legally. Solution, Politically appointed judges chosen to create the corrupt courts needed to alter the definitions and values instilled in our Bill of Rights. Amendments 1-10 were meant to guarantee individual liberty and that freedom is the natural enemy of big government. As a sovereign I command my own world, as a serf I exist to serve the state. They may seize your wallet and your home but no one take your values… no one.

          1) $16,000,000,000,000.00 ($16-Trillion) U.S. national debt.

          2) $145,000,000,000,000.00 ($145-Trillion) U.S. unfunded liabilities.

          3) 17,000 new IRS auditors. (What’s yours is theirs)

          My values say we have a problem.

  5. Maybe thinking Americans should just give up smoking. My sense is that high taxes and legislation which marginalizes smokers and smoking is good public policy. Prohibition did not work, but for sure smoking is much more dangerous. We are suffering and paying for 400,000 smoking-related deaths per year. One can just image the cost of the slow deaths from lung cancer, emphysema, venal disorders and the other millions who are running up health costs with their insurers and Medicare. Only clowns on this site would defend smoking as some kind of G-d given right. I support Mayor Bloomberg and the president for coming down hard on smoking. It’s a filthy and stupid habit.

    • Non Smoker says:

      You missed the point Dick!

      • That is the point. You clowns will oppose anything the president or the Democrats propose. If he told you to come in from the rain, you’d say he was opposed to showering and cleanliness. You folks just invent issues, which sensible people laugh at loud at. But, it’s a big country and we have always had hillbillies, bigots, slave holders, racists and flat-earth thinkers. The first issue for you folks is always: people who are educated, sophisticated, worldly and sensible are the “elite.” Well the Founding Fathers were the “Elites,” they were Deists, creatures of the Enlightenment and fearful of troglodytes like the ones that dominate this space.

    • paxcat says:

      The President smokes. And, why don’t you just mind your own business and let others mind theirs?!! Who elevated you to tell others what to do?

    • notoshariah says:

      It is not for you to support a fascist -islamo-nazi administration that has one thing in mind to run the country and dictate—-DICTATE BY DICTATORS- to small business.
      This is a country that has a CONSTITUTION and this fascist-islamo pres. BHO does not respect this country because he is an ILLEGAL PRES. AND NOT OF OUR CULTURE.

    • jdangiel says:

      So far there is only one “clown” on this site.

    • Flowers says:

      I’ll be interested in hearing your take when it affects your choice of life style and your job.

    • Arkbuilder says:

      Of course you support Bloomberg and Obama and all the other National Socialists. Heil Obama!

    • Ell says:

      Yes, maybe they should. But it’s not for anyone to say how thinking Americans–or even stupid ones can live their lives. Anyone who thinks Michael Bloomberg or anyone else has that right is too stupid to make decisions for himself. See how that works, Richard?

      • Everyone has a right to be an idiot, but since the health care industry is causing our most critical budgetary shortfalls, the public policy of better health through regulation is sensible and won’t destroy the Republic or shred the Constitution as the Chicken Littles believe. We don’t allow indoor smoking, its a health threat, and we survive quite well. I am doing a radio program on that issue of government regs on sugar-laced drinks on the 18th.

    • Tim Puckett says:

      Wonder how your gonna feel when the government comes after you and your vices. When they say you can’t have this medical treatment because you ate to much beef, pork etc and start putting restaurants out of buisness because of the cost of healthcare.

    • harlo says:

      Yes smoking is bad for you. Yes people die from it. Subject is “DICK”, that Nobamma is taking free enterprise from the mom n pop companies and building the big, or union companies moron! If King Nobamma sees fit to shut down mom n pop. Then the big ones should be next! But then he can’t lie more by saying he made jobs!

    • Proud USAF Veteran says:

      Dick: We’re not supporting smoking, per se, just our God-given American right to make our own choices–good or bad. You libs will never understand freedom of choice because, although you sound intelligent, you have no common sense. It is not the government’s job to make these decisions; nothing in our Constitution gives them that power. You are obviously better than the rest of us so you think you can decide how we should live. You are another mind-numbed liberal robot who will vote D regardless. You are a pathetic excuse for an American–how about moving to Greece or France? BYE-BYE!!!

      • We have all sorts of regulation to address public safety and you’ll have to take your chances when you violate those laws, and tough luck if you do. Libertarianism is not going to take over America, no matter how you folks bleat.

    • And I think that your talking is a filthy and stupid habit. Maybe we should just repeal the entire Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Obviously you think you have the right to force your opinion on the rest of the country! I object to your opinion and really object to Washington dictating what is best for me. I am an adult who was given the God given Right to make my own personal choices.

      • As to your idiotic remarks, no thinking human should care. But maybe, according to you libertarian clowns, we should allow drug pushers to flourish, they are a cottage industry. You can object to anything you want to, its still a free country, so any clown, like yourself can spout any inanity at will. I am all for government to regulate disastrous social conduct through taxes, regulation and encouraging public scorn. But I encourage you to jump off a cliff any time you choose.

  6. Publius says:

    democrats suck!

  7. F-14 Navy Vet says:

    Ban roll your own cigarettes? What’s Obama been smokin’? Ah yes – the Democrats must ban the safer, non-chemical, non union, less-taxable cigarettes. Now I get it… (Of course it is cheaper to roll your own – however Obama feels it is cheaper still to pay for cigarettes using tax-payer dollars. (That’s what he does.)

    • Victor Magilke says:

      You got that right. And everytime Obama lights one up in the white house he is committing a crime. Its a federal crime to smoke within 50 feet of any government facility.

  8. Irma Meoni says:

    where is Harry Reid to stand up for his state problem. everyone should heed that this president will keep doing this until he succeds in taking us down. the true muslims hate us and he is one

  9. Hank Reardon says:

    With the help of their abetters in the media, the Democrats created the myth that they
    are the party of the working people. In reality, they are the party of the people who
    don’t want to work. They make millions of dollars in the USA, but trash the capitalist
    system. All they care about is power, and they will do or say anything to get it and
    keep it. They are the ultimate hypocrites.

    • BigIron says:

      Capitalism in itself is neither good nor bad. What matters is the KIND Of capitalism that is adopted; that is what makes the difference. True “free-market” capitalism IS the “best” of economic systems for “free men”. On the other hand, “crony” capitalism (the form that is becoming prevalent today) is but a redefined slavery to the PTB. Ayn Rand is perhaps the best known proponent of true “free-market” capitalism. I believe her novel ATLAS SHRUGGED should be required reading twice in one’s acquisition of an education, once when one sincerely begins that process and again when one reaches the place in that process where one is expected to actually be able to think for oneself.

      Both parties, Republican and Democrat, are but “extensions of the will” of the PTB (powers-that-be), the Houses, the Oligarchs, the mega-Corporations or whatever you choose to call them, those who historically control most of the wealth of the world; many of these have existed in one form or another for many thousands of years. They have wisely chosen to remain out of the public eye and until recently have been almost unknown. For the most part those who form our Government and whose actions on our behalf would be necessary to ameliorate this situation in which we find ourselves are but the minions of the PTB and are not our servants as should be their proper role. It appears that we have a government that is now in all but open rebellion against our Constitution and the People. …

  10. DOUG says:


  11. Well you know YoMamma. He smokes but wants to be like the Marlboro man sit on his ‘hose ‘ and roll his own. And from the decisions he’s made it ain’t tobacco he’s rolling.

  12. Carmine says:

    Charge them all with treason starting with this Usurper Obama and get them out of office.

    • Al Green says:

      you just be hatin on the blackk man

      • Stop crying…and by the way, the guy in the white house isn’t a truly black man as his mother is white.

        • chickenman1 says:

          Thats funny, what is Tiger Woods?

        • WELL NOW says:


        • falling321 says:

          If both Woods parents are black, he is black. If his parents are of two different races then he is bi-racial. But isn’t it time the left started looking past race to character? It is just as racist to vote for Obama because he has dark skin as it is to vote against Obama because he has dark skin. I do not care what the tone of his skin might be…his policies are TERRIBLE and that is the reason we ALL need to vote him out of office!

        • RescueKyron says:

          Woods mom was in the audience when he did his mea culpa speech. She is Asian, pop is black. She told him he didn’t obey his religion or something like that… I think Buddhist, definitely not Christian.

      • Steve says:

        If a white man did the kinds of things Obama has done since he took office, would ANYBODY be defending him?

      • kategray says:

        Did not Morgan Freeman just say that the PRETENDER is not the First Black president, because he is also half white. Put that in your pipe and smoke it! lol

        • Mrs Diane L Logan says:

          Oh come on now! Bill Clinton was the first black president and that is really what ‘is’. Oh, forgot Bill already used ‘is’.

      • Appalacjian Woman says:

        You mean the “Half-breed”?

        • Victor Magilke says:

          I’m with you, Obama is a Half Breed, a Mongrel or a Mulatto. Take your pick.

    • marsuecom says:

      better yet, totally out of the USA since some of them are so against the USA. Starting with BO and Michelle, Holder, Pelosi, Reid, etc., etc.

    • BigIron says:

      Please drop the racist comments! To paraphrase Dr King:: … ‘It’s the character of the man, not the color of his skin.” that makes him despicable. Enough said!

  13. Proudamerican says:

    One step at a time huh barry?

  14. iandoli7 says:

    There were 52 representatives in the house that voted against the Transportation bill, one was Michele Bachmann. We need to make sure they get re-elected. There was also a smaller group in the senate that voted against it too. No one talked about how they will pay for that bill either.

  15. dirtbagsmith says:

    This is what we get when we have a bunch of la la land liberals pick a president that has no leadership skills. Worse, they have no idea of who he is. It will take years to recover from the damage this unknown man has done to America.

    • CheeseandRice says:

      And even worse than that, most people think that all this marxism is coming from obama and his czars. bluegums and his czars are nothing more than useful idiots. The same is true of the Lame Stream Media. The rush to socialism/communism is being directed by global elites, the same inbred commies who attended Bilderberg 2012 in Virgina this year. The global elites run the FED and are members of the Council of Foriegn Relations and the Trilateral Commission. They are pushing this world into a One World Government, where they can have all the power and all the wealth. Everyone below them will be peasants. They, the elites, have usurped our Constitution. The Constitution is just a “pretend” law of the land. The elites have no law, except what they make up as they go along. America is the only country in the world who can beat these commie inbreds. We still have out guns and we still have our fierce independent character. The elites can’t beat that down.

      • Mary Mohanan says:

        Except when they close the manufacturers of the ammo for those said guns. Everyone needs to get educated about Agenda 21 and those globalist elites with George Soros at the helm. How old is that guy anyway….if he only would just keel.