If Your Kids Haven't Fought in this Decade's Wars, then You "Owe a Debt"

If your children have not served in this decade’s wars, then you owe a cash debt to those who did—irrespective of whether you agree with the validity or those wars or not. So argues a new, multi-family-founded effort to raise money for veterans of “this decade’s wars,” according to the Associated Press.

As the Army Times reports, one of the founders argues, “Many people think veteran affairs are the problems for the military only. They are not.” He says, “It’s not a charity, . . . It’s a necessity.”

There you have it: you have not choice. It’s a necessity. You must either send your children to fight, or pay dearly for those who choose to do so themselves.

Indeed, the AP reporter says the group wants people to give “large sums” and see it not as charity but as “a moral obligation.”

It’s “an alternative way to serve, perhaps the price of being spared the anxiety that comes with having a loved one in a war zone.”

Anxiety? What if you believe these wars to be unjust and unnecessary, and destroying the freedoms Americans once had in many areas of life?

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29 comments on “If Your Kids Haven't Fought in this Decade's Wars, then You "Owe a Debt"
  1. doug63 says:

    My uncle died in a B24 in ww2, my father served in ww2 korea and vietnam is buried in a private cemetary in dan diego because (veteran’s cemetary was only taking vietnam vets?) , one brother was a medic in vietnam, other brother was in seabees, one son was in seabees in the sandbox other son in army. I was rebuilding jet engines during vietnam. I think our family is covered.

    • alfred m says:

      Hi doug63

      I would agree: my French family came with Lafitte to fight the British; we had several officers (on both sides) in the war between the states; grandfathers (one of DIL’s was a MG and the first BRIT on the beach at Normandy in War II) served in War I; dad was a USAAC CAPT in War II; Aunt was a LTJG, USN in same; her husband (my uncle) was a CAPT, MC, USA Mash surgeon in Korea; Their oldest son was the head of radiation oncology at Bethesda Naval Hospital as a (I think) CDR years after I resigned as Head of Nuclear Medicine at Balboa NH (NRMC, San Diego).
      Only a fool would serve under the current regime!
      fmr LCDR MC USNR NUKE (8.5 years active in the 60′s and 70′s)

    • alfred m says:

      Oh my goodness, my other uncle was a GSGT USMC in every Pacific campaign in War II. Remarkably, he was never injured!
      Other than my cousin (a full professor of Radiation Oncology at U of P) and I. all are long gone.
      Always thought we would be the last generation to wear the uniform, but the idiot politicians always intervene.
      Thankfully my children (ages 43; 41, and 36) avoided all service!
      ret expat MD: NBME; ABIM; ABNM; ABR w/spec comp in NR and 45 years in medicine

  2. HiTekRescu3 says:

    This idiot reporter must discount all the tax monies that have been extracted from our properties, businesses and personal accounts! Sounds like he is opting for another type of tax on the American populace. Maybe obama shoud share some of the monies that he is asking for as donations from citizen’s weddings, birthdays and anniversaries.

    • Gary Alan Adkins says:

      Send him monopoly money!

    • Nathan Myers says:

      If you read the article thru you will see that this is not the reporter’s view but that of a group of parents whose children enlisted. At the end of the article he says teir view is neither moral or biblical.

  3. kenwise says:

    All taxpayers pay for Veteran’s benefits and career and retirement benefits for those who serve and have served. Iraq alone will have cost the US taxpayers $3 trillion by the time all life-time costs of that war come due, for example. Current taxpayers and their posterity will “donate” to this cause.

  4. paco12348 says:

    I think it’s inhumane for our troops to have several tours back to back while the rest of the young men in the US turn to be Occupiers or thugs or too elite to fight for a country they despise. I say bring back the draft and make sure the rich can’t buy their way out of it. If one lives in America, one should fight for America.

    • cf says:

      the problem with that is our country sticks it’s nose into other countries battles!! Our kids should not have to fight in wars someone else is fighting!
      If the war is between us and another country, then yes, i can see them fighting.
      Our Country needs to take care of itself and the Citizens!!

  5. paco12348 says:

    My family has been in every War, beginning with the Revolution.

    • army dad out says:

      Mine to and to the present

      • paco12348 says:

        No person GOES to war because they enjoy it. They go to serve their country. They love America and will fight for their flag, their freedom and country. Many enjoy the benefits but will not put themselves on the line and everyone knows who they are. We would have no America if not for the Patritotic. We NEED a Military person in the White HOuse and since Romney has no military experience my vote for VP is for Allen West. He has Military experience, patriotism and smarts.

  6. Patriot Diva says:

    While I have much respect for those who serve in the armed forces, I have become increasingly aware that most wars are being fought to profit the military/industrial complex. If anyone has seen the last Sherlock Holmes movie ” Game of Shadows”, think of Professor Moriarity, the evil genius who uses his position as a trusted advisor to world leaders to profit from inside information. He purposely works toward creating the conditions for war while pretending to be negotiating “peace talks”. In secret he invests in ammunition factories and military suppliers so when war breaks out his wealth is greatly multiplied. Unfortunately, there are those within our own government who do these very things.

    • tompro97 says:

      Georgie Soros, the primo Osama Regime puppet master fits your description perfectly. Georgie wants a one-world government so he can control the money supply of the entire world through his many financial scams.

  7. Evermyrtle says:

    What do you consider fighting in a war? Going into literal battle, or something else? Can any of our children have any kind excuse not to have fought in a war? Something like health problems, or not being able to enlist because something may be wrong that they not be allowed the authorities to enlist? .

    My late husband was in the army in WWII but was too young to enlist and train before the war ended, in fact, he was on the way to fight in the war with Japan when that war ended
    His older brother was in the Merchant Marines during the war. I don’t know if he fought, I was really too young to know what was going on except that strange word “War” was being fought.

  8. Tank says:

    Sounds like something a RINO would say to disquise taxing American Citizens even more under the impression they support our veterans… The government keeps reducing the defense budgets and veterans keep losing the valuable “after they come home” care the rightly deserve and need. Just because they come back home doesn’t mean the war is over for them.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      It is so easy to judge other people. It is much harder to get our own lives into line, plus the fact we like to see people doing exactly like we think is the right way. It is difficult to see our own mistakes. There are many people who were not able to commit our lives according to the beliefs of this person and that does not make anybody any kind of boogy men.

    • tompro97 says:

      Why do you single out RINO’s in your comment??? Most war protesters and draft dodgers are and always have been Demagogues. You really need to revise your comment or remove itl.

  9. Saltporkdoc says:

    Here’s another “take” on it. How about if it’s another way for cowards to avoid civic reponsibility? (“Oh, I’ll just pay the tax…excuse me, penalty, and I won’t HAVE to run off to Canada!”)
    Clearly another Marxist effort to weaken support for the military by turning to disgusting concepts of what constitutes civic responsibility AND to start to turn people against the “burden” of the deserving, disabled veteran by trying to make people think of their sacrifice of limb and more merely in terms of financial cost!
    Shame on them!
    Wonder about my credentials? Read the screen name!

    • tompro97 says:

      Easy way to resolve the problem, if there really is one, is to reinstate the draft and combine it with a requirement to do Universal Service for double the number of years a veteran has to serve under the draft. That is a totally fair way for chickenhawks and war protestors to do their duty and serve their country at the same time. Should have been done in the Vietnam War actually.

  10. 2War Abn Vet says:

    This is arrant nonsense. My eldest children are bold paratroopers, and two war veterans themselves. Neither they nor I served in expectation of reward or admiration. We certainly never sought to require our fellow citizens to balance service with
    money. (Though I do recall that in the Civil War draftees could hire a replacement; a concept that quickly went out of fashion.)

    I suppose what I’m attempting to express, and I think most veterans would agree, is that we hoped to retain the hard-won freedoms that we had inherited, and hoped to pass them on to future generations.

    I, for one, don’t want payment, but I do want my fellow citizens to maintain our liberties – or what’s left of our liberties – and not vote to allow an incompetent Marxist to destroy this Republic.

  11. lark125 says:

    I’ve been there and it’s no place for ANYONE. If these morons think ANYONE must go to war just because it’s fashionable in their eyes then they are NUTS. as I said NO ONE NEEDS THAT EXPERIENCE.

  12. jong says:

    Service to this country is a choice. They seem to want to go back to the civil war era when the rich could avoid service while the poor where inducted by draconian methods. Look up the riots in New York and other places that tried this kind of measure. Service is a free choice what should be done is that the women having litters of children should be shoved off the government dime and Vets put in front of them. I have served for well over 25 years in several combat zones world wide.

  13. USN Navy Retired says:

    I am a very proud military veteran who served his country for 20 years during 2 wars, and our two sons had served and they both did back to back combat tours, and our oldest son was killed while serving his country. I get so tired of listening to all of these poor of an excused people (welfare no loads) who always wants something for nothing. And if I had my way I would draft everyone of them and send them all to the front combat lines with WWII weapons first and keep brave troops behind in a place where they can get some well deserved rest.

    • John says:

      I agree!!! And I’d add; Drug tests and Draft (for those of age) for all families on Welfare! Or Public Service could be a trade off. We could clean up the country one can or bottle at a time with the ones sitting on their couches. This country needs to find some politicians with enough B-lls to put the people to work and service, that don’t want to get off their butts!!
      I salute you and thank you and your family for your service to our country!

  14. chvietvet says:

    When anyone serves in the Armed Forces, he enters a contract with the government, which is defined by law. He agrees to obey lawful orders, even when carrying them out will result in his death or injury. Most servicemen comply with their contract. During the Vietnam War, for example, about 58,000 servicemen complied with their orders although it cost them their lives. All Americans owe veterans the benefits which were the obligations the government made for all Americans to compensate the veterans for their sacrifices. Since the Vietnam War, the United States government has been refusing to meet its part of the bargain. Veterans’ illnesses and injuries are not being treated so that money can be left in the DVA budget at the end of the year to pay non-veteran DVA employees enormous merit bonuses, which they do not deserve. Senior civil servants have become scofflaws when it comes to abiding by veterans’ preference laws. The Secretary of Labor allows federal contractors to discriminate against veterans to the extent that many hundreds of thousands have experienced homelessness. The government consciously makes veterans homeless and destitute so that as many as possible will die quickly and allow the politicians to use the money they owe the veterans for other things. Both parties are guilty of mass murder of those who protected the country at the risk of their lives during and since the Vietnam War. Someday, the American people will start electing public officials with consciences, and then those who are killing veterans intentionally will be placed on trial for capital crimes and hopefully receive the sentences they deserve.

  15. Death Walks Among Us says:

    Personnally I think there are some very good comments on here. If you sent in the polititions to fight there would be fewer wars. I do believe this writer needs to get his head out of where the sun does not shine. He sounds kind of like bummer when he wanted our brave boys and girls to pay for their health insurance.