Obama: Health Law ‘Here to Stay’

President Obama said his healthcare law is here to stay during a sweltering campaign stop in swing-state Ohio on Thursday.

Obama touted the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold his signature healthcare reform legislation to cheers from a crowd of his supporters.

“The law I passed is here to stay,” he told an audience composed largely of Ohio automobile manufacturing workers.

Obama’s comments are the closest he’s come to “spiking the football” on the Supreme Court’s decision, which surprised many observers. Chief Justice John Roberts joined the court’s liberal justices in ruling the healthcare mandate is constitutional because it is a tax. It’s the first time Obama has mentioned the ruling on the campaign trail.

Later, at a campaign stop in Sandusky, Ohio, Obama told a crowd of about 350 people that with the Supreme Court’s ruling to uphold the bulk of the law, it was time for Republicans to move on.

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20 comments on “Obama: Health Law ‘Here to Stay’
  1. jmark says:

    I thought it was the law that Congress passed…

    • Dingbat36 says:

      Right you are………….it was Pelosi and her merry band of dimwits who conceived and gave birth to this abomination.

  2. colleenf says:

    In your dreams, idiot.

  3. dad666 says:

    Three Blind Mice, Senate, House, White House


  5. texasfedupgramma says:

    We’ll see, you lying Muslim phony……this bill is not about better healthcare, it’s a power grab by Obama and his thug administration! Send this idiot back to Kenya along with his made-up credentials in Nov..!!

  6. jong says:

    Time to send this marxist and his dreams of state control back to where they belong. The dung heap of history of worthless methods of government

  7. donl says:

    I cannot believe some of the people really believe his speeches, either that or his writers are out to get him. His speeches are full of unbelievable falsehoods. Anyone who votes for him this time are only fooling themselves, or are communists. If you are a communist build yourself a raft and row your a__ to cuba.

  8. AJP says:

    Send this NEGRO and all his BS and send them back to the NIGER RIVER this is where this mess started.

  9. I pray every day, that this Muslim, socialist, illegal President is voted out of office in Nov.

  10. richardcancemi says:

    Is Obama another Dorian Gray? He certainly is as narcissistic and ego-centric and the doer of evil deeds. His “portrait” must be more hideous than Doriam’s!

  11. Tod says:

    It will be if We don’t elect Dr.Ron Paul in 2012 !!!


    the health care scam and HIM are not staying much longer, hopefully he’ll be gone in January and the health care scam soon after that.

  13. Donald York says:

    The media protects this sucker from any real vetting. The unions keep propping him up. well guess what? Your man is going to lose, and we win. Bye.

  14. jerry1944 says:

    I am afraid he is right. With roberts turning his back on his country like a tratoir How much is yet be see could have been 30 in gold. romneys pac are makeing lots money off the healthcare bill and some there say we have to have it. romney for sure isnt a conservative and is very much like obambo . Both are big time liars obambo was smart enough to still romneys health plan. With out a real conservative running i can even see obambo winning again. There seem to not be enough that beleave in GOD that vote for the right reason

  15. jerry1944 says:

    I wonder how obambo feels stealing romneys health plan and claiming it as his But i guess thats what we get when we put weak mods up against libs. Both are the same and not much choice