Obama's Worst-Kept Secret

To avoid accountability, US government equivocates over whether Obama’s ‘kill list’ of suspected terrorists even exists.

Last week, the Obama administration submitted a Motion for Summary Judgment in response to a lawsuit filed by the New York Times and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) that demanded government agencies release documents on its alleged programme of targeted killings.

As early as June 2011, the Times and the ACLU had filed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests that the government blocked in the name of national security. In its brief, the government argues for the continuation of complete secrecy surrounding its reported assassination programme. In fact, the government goes further, claiming that whether the programme even exists is “classified” information.

In light of last month’s Times  exposé that drew an intimate – and fawning – portrait of the inner chambers of the US president’s counterterrorism programme and his process of drawing up the “kill list”, it is baffling that, in court, the administration argues that the programme may not actually exist.

But it appears that the president of the United States will attempt the impossible: to have his cake and eat it too. He will appear like a tough-talking cowboy to the public, and then hide behind “national security needs” to dodge responsibility for his policies that decimate villages and destroy thousands of lives.

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134 comments on “Obama's Worst-Kept Secret
  1. Ihatelibs says:

    He should be on the list

  2. aimee says:

    If this was Bush doing this the democrats would be yelling at the top of their voices! This President thinks that he can do what ever he wants to do to push his socialist agenda!

  3. El Love says:

    isn’t it odd that this is being reported on Al Jazeera…….

    • armedlamb says:

      Remember H. Clinton’s praise of Al Jazeera? Our government is so full of filth of the communist/marxist/muslim kind!

      • El Love says:

        that includes most of our illustrious media

        • armedlamb says:

          They want exactly what Obama wants…to be the top dog lording over the little, ignorant peons! The gov. controlled media are the maggots in the coffins!

    • colleenf says:

      Yep, I commented on just that interesting fact………and got censored on the aljazerra site. Guess they just can’t handle the truth!

      • Tiger716 says:

        You know they can’t handle the truth. The only thing these idiots have ever done is kill anyone who disagrees with them. Remember,the difference between Islam and Christianity is that Mohammad killed for his religion. Jesus died for his. I’d rather the latter. BUT, just so we’re clear…..I’m not afraid to give tit for tat. I’ll let you guys read between the lines on that one.

    • PepperdotNet says:

      Obviously nobody believes that Al Jazeera is an unbiased, pro-American news source, but they do have one thing in their favor: they are not owned by the same corporate entities as our lovely US “news” media who continue foisting progressive liberal fascists upon us time and again.

    • d4texas says:

      You get better and real news from the “Free Canadian Press”

  4. Remington 870 says:

    So much fraud, deceit, lies and corruption are the recipe for the Obama fake presidency and the destruction it brings upon this great country. The word ‘truth’ is no where to be found in this fake president’s vocabulary. Yet millions of dump, ignorant, illegals, negros and bleeding heart white liberals believe him. These people are his base and these are people you and I would never let near our children, homes or farm animals. See you on the battlefield….save some liberal targets for me.

    • armedlamb says:

      Those who voted for him are the real enemies of this couintry!

    • Dan Williams says:

      I am with you Remington 870! Where do I sign up? I have a Remington 870 also, although I pefer my sniper rifle for the wild hogs. Especially the ones running loose in Washington, D.C.

      • Tiger716 says:

        You’re so right. This country can survive a stupid, deceitful, liar as president. We’ve done so many times before. What we may not be able to survive are the millions of really, really stupid voters out there who vote for him for totally ignorant reasons. . .such as his color, or they’ve always voted democrat or they feel entitled and he’s their man.

      • Combat Seabee says:

        I personally preferred the .300 winchester/ 7x leoupold scope. Just a tad more knock down, and could reach out and touch someone easily at a klick!

  5. meansmustbetheend says:

    So aljazeera has the story…

  6. joeyd says:

    Obama is a bad, bad man. He is the biggest liar this country has ever know as a President, and his true agenda is to destroy, not change America as it exists. He is Fascist (look it up!)

    • Arby says:

      I agree, so let’s get rid of him this Nov. Think we can???

      • rwduncan says:

        No!!!!! I think the communists are here to stay. They didn’t come this far and change this much of our country to lose now. They will cheat and kill to win!!! We need to get rid of Obama now before the election and reverse everything he has done to date!!!!!!!!!!! God help us all and God help America!!!!

        • Remember government gets its JUST powers from the consent of the governed -Regardless if they are commies when we say NO and mean NO and cease paying taxes, they are powerless. And you think only one side has a hit list? There are persons in elected positions that simply should not be there

        • jjkrjw says:

          We need to get the other communists out of Congress.

        • Mike6 says:

          Folks don’t let our media kid you, the 80+ Progressives in the Democrat Progressive Caucus are not “Liberals” but marxists, leninists, maoists, trotskyists, castroists, anarchists and dangerous stalinists.
          Five million innocent kulaks were starved to death on the most fertile Ukranian soil on earth. Moochelle said that “America is a mean country” and her 80+ Progressive/Democrat/Stalinists in Congress would be very happy to get rid of right wing bible thumping mean conservatives in America, in any way possible.

        • Observant_One says:

          Moochelle is a moron.

        • Mike6 says:

          Moochelle college thesis was a racist rant and was composed by someone who had the writing skills of a ninth grader. We spend billions on remedial education and produced mostly illiterates, and that is a shame.

        • Sparky says says:

          Moochelle Mother made a big mistake

        • Old Dan says:

          You are absolutely correct that Obama and his ilk are here to stay. After George Soros and his leftist billionaire and millionaire buddies contributed so much to groom Obama fot leader of the United States, they aren’t going to throw all that away. Obama has already has declared a Natiopnal emergency. Next he will declare martial law and postpone any and all elections indefinitely as he becomes dictator for as long as Soros condones his performance and follows his directives. Seal Team Six is needed in Washington, D.C. If Omama steals the election you can bet on a Civil War. Unfortunately Oboma and his followers know this and Homeland Security is ready to kill us … United States patriot citizens.

        • Combat Seabee says:

          People, People, the first shots in the Revolutionary war were not by “The Wealthy,” They were by a bunch of common Bostonians, INCLUDING BLACKS! that were the first to stand up to Tyranny. It doesn’t take wealth to win over your country, it takes GUTS, FORTITUDE, COMMITMENT, LOVE OF COUNTRY, PRINCIPLES, and HONESTY!

        • Observant_One says:

          And perhaps plenty of ammo!

        • Combat Seabee says:

          One thing that I took for granted! hehehehe. Hey if they want to come for my guns, I’ll gladly give them, to them, ammo first!!!
          Remember the WWII song, “Praise the Lord, and Pass The Ammunition!”

        • Sparky says says:

          Unfortunately the seal team met an unexplained accidentshortly after the death of Osama

        • rank says:

          So we just roll over and give up? I have had way too many relatives, and friends that have been killed or wounded for our freedoms to even think about giving up. The very least we can do is get involved to get out the vote!

        • mcdonald says:

          rwduncan…I couldn’t agree with you more. He is one nasty jack-ass.

    • Joe joe says:

      He is not a fascists. He’s a commie, of the Marxist variety. While he’s also close to Castro and Mao, his brand of C is definitely Karl Marx. I know the Hitler analogies are visually pleasing with the little well known mustache but Karl it is. Look it up. Pictures with hair like Karl are equally impressive.

      • John says:

        If you wish to know how correct your assessment of Obama is, get a copy of Curtis Bowers’ DVD movie AGENDA. This movie is dynamite !

      • 2War Abn Vet says:

        Fascism/Nazism is characterized by private ownership of business and industry, with government control. Marxism/Communism is characterized by government control and ownership of business and industry.
        These two philosophies aren’t very different, and are basically first cousins.
        What we’re seeing with the current administration is a drive combining the two.
        Since it is something completely new, it’s fair to call it “Obamunism”.

      • exshuttleguy says:

        OK, here it is:

        Marxism : the political,
        economical, and social principles and policies advocated by Marx; a theory and
        practice of socialism including the labor theory of value, dialectical
        materialism, the class struggle, and dictatorship of the proletariat until the
        establishment of a classless society.

      • Mike6 says:

        I agree and Obama worships Kark Marx and Marx’s class warfare hate the rich agenda. Marx was a mad dog sadist who beat his six year old girl servant an later made her his mistress. Need I say more. Obama hates women as much as Marx hated women and that is why he married Moochelle.

      • A says:

        Let’s get something straight! Hitler was a Socialist,, not a Fascist. NAZI is an acronym for National Worker’s Socialist Party. Hitler did ally himself with a Fascist – Mussolini.

        • Combat Seabee says:

          At least someone other than myself remembers history! And if you are a true history buff, you will readily admit that oblowhole most always assumes the arrogant profile picture of Benito Mussolini!

      • Combat Seabee says:

        But he always holds Benito Mussolini’s arrogant pose!

    • exshuttleguy says:

      OK, here it is:

      Fascism: a political philosophy,
      movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race
      above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government
      headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible
      suppression of opposition. 2: a tendency
      toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control <early
      instances of army – and brutality

      • TheChristianSolution says:

        OK, we have Fascism then

        “The exaltation of the nation of Israel and the race of the Jews,
        above the individual Christian and the nation of America,
        with centralized autocratic government control over the 50 States,
        headed by a dictatorial Judeo-0ligarchy,
        with severe economic relocation of industry to Judeo-Communist China
        and social regimentation where Christianity belief is suppressed
        and Christian opposition is suppressed.”

    • Bob2002 says:

      In addition, he stole the 2008 primary election from Hillary by fraudulent means. Just today it was reported that in Texas and Iowa there was much voter fraud and intimidation committed by the Obama people.

  7. axmickl says:

    First off, Obama is a sniveling coward. He hides behind any available wall whenever the heat gets turned on. He is much like his heroes, the muslim cowards, who use women and children as shields when attacked.

  8. aimee says:

    If Bush was doing this the democrats would be yelling at the top of their voices! This president thinks that he can do whatever he wants as long as it pushes his socialist agenda!

  9. Graywolf12 says:

    El Presidente will let you know what he wants you to know. When will people learn not to question the “ONE”? Only Elites, not serfs know what is correct, best, and publishable.

  10. Amy Davis says:

    I nominate him to top the list of traitors, and suggest a firing squad is the appropriate method of execution for treason

  11. michael says:

    He is good at keeping secrets… Maybe he should resign…

  12. del says:

    What a horrid doofus is this fraud in our white house….cant stand looking at him or hearing that lying voice!

    • El Love says:

      Or look at those gawd awful purple lying lips

    • padremike says:

      You are sooooooooo right del. Thank goodness for the remote. If the world was coming to an end I wouldn’t listen to this evil man but would wait for someone else to tell me. Don’t you just love the way this arrogant #*^@$# looks down his nose at people. I’d love to shove a grenade up that nose.

      • Combat Seabee says:

        Frag em!!!!!!!

      • Indylady says:

        As much as I liked Ronaldus Magnus Reagan……if he ever had assumed that nose-in-the-air-because-I -am-king Mussolini pose, I wouldn’t vote for him. Why can’t his supporters (even if they don’t read) see him as the narcissistic arrogant menace that he is just by seeing him look like that.

  13. fiddler says:

    Then the question is asked: WHY isn’t this a slam dunk for Romney? Why are the president’s approval numbers are even as high as they are? Why are people so stupid as to believe this guy? We need to make sure this is a landslide referendum against him this fall. Anything less and Chris Matthews et. al will scream “stolen” or cause another 36 days of hell that the 2000 election was.

    • broadcastdude says:

      The founding fathers believed that the news media was so essential to keeping the government honest that they gave the media special protection in the Constitution. That entire structure has broken down. The media have almost totally aligned themselves with one political party. As a result a major part of the population that gets its news from television and newspapers is not hearing what they need to know.

      • Tiger716 says:

        The founding fathers were truly great men who suffered and died (as did their family members) for their participation in founding this Republic. You won’t find leaders like them in our government any more. Such a shame. God must truly be shaking his head at this.

    • Eddie3602 says:

      I think those polls are faked ,they want us to believe he is ahead of Romney ,The term is called propaganda

  14. TOO INFORMED says:

    Is the village in Kenya on his hit list?

    • nellie says:

      No, but did you know that his relatives have Secret Service protection at our expense. You know the ones that pointed out the house he was born in in Kenya.

  15. John Farmer says:

    How can you believe that a person who came from the most corrupt political organization could be anything else but corrupt. He came from the Chicago regime