Rush: Republicans Clueless in Stopping Obama

Though he usually focuses criticism on Democrats, top-rated radio host Rush Limbaugh is scorching Republicans as “clueless” in their efforts to stop President Obama and his health-care agenda, and what he expects to be its “disastrous” impact on everyday life in America.

“We’re left with Obamacare, and we are left with a damaged Constitution, and we have a Republican leadership that’s clueless in how to slow any of this down,” Limbaugh said this afternoon.

“If this keeps going this way, we’re going to lose it all, folks. Unless some people get their heads in the game and focus on what really happened here and what really is happening, we’re going to go down the tubes.”

Limbaugh says last week’s 5-4 ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court upholding President Obama’s signature legislation is disastrous, severely harming the Constitution.

“And apparently it hasn’t sunk in yet in the Republican establishment how outrageously bad this is,” he explained.

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35 comments on “Rush: Republicans Clueless in Stopping Obama
  1. Ellen says:

    Rush, I love you dearly but I think the problem is we need to get control of the Senate in November!
    Vote in your states to get these dirtbag dumbocraps out!

    • billy2 says:

      I love your comment Ellen, you are right about the Senate, but remember we have to keep the house too, and we need to get the Rino’s out, there is way too many that have grown old in the senate and house, and there should be a term limit, but they will never approve it, it’s a good living, for doing nothing or doing somethings that have a drastic impact on WE THE PEOPLE.

  2. Play Watcher says:

    “Rush: Republicans Clueless in Stopping Obama” <– That's because the GOP decided to run with RINO Romney.

    • End Time says:

       The GOP and the Dem’s are one in the same! The general population does not know right from wrong or good from bad! If the Greatest Generation could have seen the future in ’45, they would have all used more birth control!!

      • MITA says:

        Wow WOW WOW!! It’s not us that were born after WWll that voted the idiot in in the first place. It is the young people today who should have used their god given brain!! In 2008 they thought anyone that could text was the new World!! Well now, THEIR new world isn’t working. Check the stats how the votes for younger people went compared to us baby boomers!!

  3. Atillathehun says:

       The Roberts decision may be the result of multiple factors.1. Roberts is not brilliant at all. 2. Roberts is a closet Marxist/Socialist/Republican. 3. Roberts view of the SCOUTUS is diametrically opposed to the founding fathers. 4. Roberts would rather be popular on the cocktail circuit than preserve the Republic. 5. Roberts is a combination of all four and that would be my personal guess. 

  4. sean murrey. says:

    I think he is handing the presidenty to Romney.

  5. Remington 870 says:

    Look at who is in the GOP leadership…Speaker Boehner, who spends more time smoking than using his brain…McConnel from Kentucky who thinks Hoover is still president…and Karl Rove who is stuck in 1960′s election mode. The entrenched GOP lack the meanness, street fighter mode, lying, cheating and coniving which are normal for Democraps. The GOP are just happy to sit by and watch America burn. November is time to kick most of them out and replace with Tea Party Candidates.

  6. AJP says:

    It’s alway’s the same Power  Power that’s what the Prob is who control’s Senate run’s the show.I think it’s about time we Cleaned house at the next election.We need new blood elected rid the Senate of these JOKERS

  7. Tank says:

    They’re not clueless. They’re SPINELESS!

  8. Reelman1946 says:

    Roberts caved to media pressure by the utopian socialists…went against his better core…why conservatives get in the DC Bubble and melt is known…they are weak and want to be loved or at least not hammered…there have been more than a couple on the court that proved spineless at critical times…lifetime appointments, high salary and staff but still spineless…now the angry arrogant apostles of utopian socialism are more excited than ever…we are much much closer to decayed europe or maybe even Cuba…remember the utopians are never never ever satisfied and will continue to strangle freedom until we send them home by the DOZENS…we sent a record 730 home nationally in Nov 2010 but they simply doubled down…so now let’s match that rejection come this November.

    • Washington22 says:

      Well, if Roberts didn’t want to get hammered, he went the wrong route………………I personally don’t think that he was worried about outside opinion. He had to know it was a death nell for him to do as he did. No, I think that his life and the lives of his family were threatened………..I know it’s a conspiracy, but it’s what I think.

  9. Mickey13 says:

    Romey has got to show more Charisma/Balls against O’Bama. Romney is being killed because OBama outsells himself against Romney. I know this shouldn’t matter, but we have a lot of weak minded people here in the USA, I can’t believe how many un-patriotic people we have, it’s astounding, and they think that O’Bama showing his cutsy ways makes him one of them, how mistaken they are. These un-american few should be given a free tiket to Canada or somewhere that will want them, for they sure aren’t welcome here in these United States of America, “LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT” You un-american MORONS. It seems all you want is to be taken care of with government handouts, from Cradle to grave, it ain’t going to happen, O’Bama and his form of government will be deafeated. You misfits are outnumbered.

  10. Rhonda Anderson says:

    Republicans know what is going on. They do not have enough back bone to do any thing. We have elected a bunch of cowardly, spineless worms. There is no way they can stand and fight.

  11. Evermyrtle says:

    I think that it is more gutless than clueless. I sincerely believe that is the reason that John Roberts let us down. They were threatened if they voted against ObamaScare. The other four who voted against it were brave, loyal American Citizens and stood their ground. Yes, Roberts let America down. I believe if Kennedy had voted for it, Roberts would have voted against it.

  12. MarcJ says:

    They are really clueless. This former refugee from a communist hell recognizes all the signs of the ongoing cummunization of America. And our babes-in-the-woods Republicans really have no clue.

  13. Ditto Man says:

    Mega dittoes.

  14. donl says:

    The republicans need someone with a BIG set of gonads to put the commie democrats in their place. I’ll vote for anyone with the guts to stand up for freedom and liberty for all before I vote for a scumbag socialist / communist.

    • Marj0120 says:

      If you are lucky or blessed, life’s path can sometimes put you in the position to leave a mark on your time that will stand forever. Problem is, many do not have the courage or conviction to face the rigors of that defining moment in time. Judge Terry Lewis in FL had that opportunity, he failed. Our GOP Congress has that moment now and they are failing miserably to seize it and take the steps to do what they know is the right thing. The man that appears to stand alone in courage, conviction and integrity in his elected office is the Sheriff Joe Arpaio.. Is that what our leaders have come to? Are they all so cowardly that when they hear “Give me liberty or give me death” they mutter that my political life is more important then the oath I took, if other’s lose their liberty, freedom no matter, so long as my career is not jeopardized by challenging those who will take it all away? This Republican Congress and every member of it will stand in history as the most cowardly assembly of men and women ever elected. They have the information, handed to them for the taking and they refuse to act, they will not even respond to emails begging them to look at the evidence. I am a nobody, no more, no less than any other patriot in this country, but trust me a gun in my face would not prevent me from acting on this information if I were in a position to do so. My life has no value greater than the survival of this republic and no amount of money could buy my allegiance to it!

  15. Michaelarowley says:

    I don’t usually listen to Rush but when I do I usually agree with him. It was a defeat and thr Republicans need a brokered convention and a much stronger candidate in November.

    My first choice for President would be Mike Huckabee if he had run again. Next for me Newt Gingrich followed by Ron Paul. There are many others I’d choose ahead of Mitt including one Democrat. Truthfully I JUST PLAIN DON’T WANT ROMNEY but if my hope for a brokered Republican convention fails I will cast for Romney as any Republican and many Democrats will far better represent both me and this great county better than Barack Obama has done with his endless blame George W. game, runaway spending and end runs around Congress and the United States Constitution via executive orders. He ignored Congress with his unilateral decision not to enforce immigration laws rather then let the legislative branch decide on the so called Dream Act. Far worse he has totally ignored the First Amendments restriction against government regulation of religion by ordering religious institutions to provide contraceptives even if in violation of their religious beliefs or morals. Finally at a time when his concentration should be upon the economy he chose to focus on Gay marriage. It’s clear to all thinking individuals the Republicans must keep the House and gain the Senate and Presidency. Romney promises he will work to get ObamaCare out day one and despite the fact he was a bully 47 years ago I know of no reason not to trust him. Obama broke his promise of no added tax on those earning up to $250,000 with the tax on those earning $50,000 and less as legislated in ObamaCare. Please vote Romney if all the “Hope and Change” has you hoping for change. It will take a Republican this go ground to get Obama off his throne.

    • Washington22 says:

      A bully 47 years ago, seriously? You had me until then……………Weak. I agree with most of the rest of your thoughts, especially your last sentence. We can make this work……………..