CNN Poll of Swing States: Romney 51, Obama 43

There’s lots of contradictory polling floating around today, so let’s try to unpack some of it. We’ll begin with the ‘battleground’ numbers teased in the headline:

President Obama remains marginally ahead of Mitt Romney in a new national CNN/ORC International poll released on Monday, although Romney leads Obama in the 15 states identified by the network as battleground states. Obama leads Romney nationally, 49 percent to 46 percent, with 4 percent of those surveyed saying they would vote for another candidate or neither candidate. That is inside the poll’s margin of error, and it is identical to the 49 percent to 46 percent lead Obama had in the previous poll, conducted in late May…However, in the 15 states CNN calls its battleground states — Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin — Romney leads Obama, 51 percent to 43 percent. Notably, though, the CNN/ORC International group includes three states thought to be comfortably in the Romney column this cycle: Arizona, Indiana, and Missouri.

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30 comments on “CNN Poll of Swing States: Romney 51, Obama 43
  1. Noob says:

    He bought the illegals and still can’t win in Arizona.   The real citizens here don’t care for your politics señor.


      Good one Noob

    • Victor Magilke says:

      Good for you guys in AZ. You have a great Governor, A great Sheriff and one great Senator.  And I don’t mean McCain.

    • JDL says:

      Gee, I wonder why? Maybe he shouldn’t have sued them or shut off the water.  I wonder who the catholics will vote for?!

  2. jong says:

    CNN again.   First of all people should take these polls on who or what they represent.  The only polls I know of that have and credibility are Rasmussen, Gallup, and Pew.   They to are wrong often however they do not have a lame stream media agenda.

  3. sean murrey. says:

    i dont beleive in CNN polls they are full of crap.


    if its CNN add another 6 to 8 points in Romneys favor, I can honestly say where I live i’ve never met anyone and I mean anyone whos voting for Obama, no one !

    • Victor Magilke says:

      We are the same in my area. No one is voting for Obama. I think the media is polling the inner cities and Kenya.

      • mwilk999 says:

        I think that the liberal media are lying just like Obama and his administration.  I’m completely ignoring anything that comes from them.

    • forobama says:

       They are afraid to admit that they are voting for Obama due to the danger from the redneck republicans.  It has a lot to do with where your at and the education level of the people.  If your in the south, chance are your a christian conservative, and that means you’ll believe anything your told. Facts are not necessary.

      • PISSED OFF PATRIOT says:

        Your backing Obama and your accusing  people of believing anything their told, lol a typical Liberal Zombie

  5. Cactus says:

    CNN sure hopes they can make you complacent about the election.  Anything that will help their messiah.

    • Victor Magilke says:

      Amen to that. We can’t let the media discourage us. It will be decided at the polls, not by the liberal media.

  6. Dla7577 says:

    I have set a goal lfor myself to personally recruit 100 voters for Romney.  I am a teacher, but I’m finding a lot of my colleagues are going south on Obama.

    • Victor Magilke says:

      Good for you Dia. I am doing the same. I have supported Ron Paul and will continue until the convention decides who will represent the party. I will support the republican nominee. We can’t divide the party and win in November. I hope the Tea Party realizes this and do likewise.

      • PISSED OFF PATRIOT says:

        I’d vote for Bozo the Clown to get rid of Obama, hes a toxic  presence in an allready toxic snake pit inside the Beltway.

  7. tod says:

    romney is No Different then barry,their both NEW WORLD ORDER PUPPETS !!! Dr. Ron Paul Even if We Have to WRITE HIM IN !!!

    • Victor Magilke says:

      There isn’t a bigger Ron Paul supporter than yours truly, but we can’t divide the party and defeat Obama which should be our goal. Four more years of Obama will be catastrophic for white America.

      • PierceArrowV12 says:

        Victor, you almost made a good imitation of a conservative talking point. However, you are showing more evidence that you are a Democrat troll trying to mislead people into believing that conservatives only care about “white America.” Another disgusting reminder of the trollish vile racist comments you posted on the VtoA story “Ron Paul Declares He Will Not Support Mitt Romney.” We REAL conservatives know that four more years of Obama will be catastrophic for ALL of America!

        • Victor Magilke says:

          I’m a Paul supporter but I’ve said many times that we need to be united after the convention. Some Paul people don’t agree. They are loyal to Ron Paul. I commend them, but I want to rid the country of the tyranny we have controlling our nation. Reading your posts, you are no different. If Ron Paul were the nominee, you wouldn’t support him because he doesn’t want to support any more wars caused by your nation, Israel.

        • PierceArrowV12 says:

          Actually, Victor, if Ron Paul is the GOP nominee, I will support him.

        • Victor Magilke says:

          Are you sure? By the posts you’ve written its hard for me to believe that.

        • PierceArrowV12 says:

          Yes, Victor, I will support the GOP nominee, whether it is Ron Paul or Mitt Romney.

    • Ellie says:

       OH, GEEZ, tod!!!    Won’t you ever learn???????   Not too smart!!!    (You “spelt” a word wrong, too!!!!    Better read it over!)

  8. Duhvoice says:

    cnn doesn’t say IF this is ALL people,registered voters, or likely voters? its a BS Poll. the Liberal mainstream media is trying to make obama look good and they WILL up to election day WHEN Romney Wins in a Landslide, and makes these polls and Kool-Aide drinkers look like Idiots.

  9. noelle2011 says:

    what the hell is it going to take TO REALIZE THESE MEN ARE THE SAME?!
    IT IS TIME TO END THIS 2 “PARTY” DICTATORSHIP IN THE USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. PierceArrowV12 says:

    Thank God for the Electoral College, which keeps Californicationa, New Yuck, Taxachusetts, and Illi-noisy from dictating to the rest of America who will be POTUS.