CNN: Did Operation Fast and Furious Even Happen?

Eric Holder, President Barack Obama, and Congress all have admitted Operation Fast and Furious happened. There are internal emails that talk about it. The scandal right now is that Eric Holder won’t release internal document related to Operation Fast and Furious. Now you have Soledad O’Brien questioning if it even happened at all. No wonder their ratings are so low. The Liberal Left Media are getting so desperate it isn’t funny anymore. I just have to shake my head everyday at the straws they are grabbing at. If only there were straws for them.

According to Breitbart News, the source for the Soledad story, Fortune, flat out lies about the information. According to Chairman Issa Fortune‘s story is complete fantasy as the emails and video surveillance all contradict and rebut this “new found” information.

Chairman Darrell Issa’s press secretary Becca Glover emailed this statement:

Fortune’s story is a fantasy made up almost entirely from the accounts of individuals involved in the reckless tactics that took place in Operation Fast and Furious. It contains factual errors – including the false statement that Chairman Issa has called for Attorney General Holder’s resignation – and multiple distortions. It also hides critical information from readers – including a report in the Wall Street Journal – indicating that its primary sources may be facing criminal charges. Congressional staff gave Fortune Magazine numerous examples of false statements made by the story’s primary source and the magazine did not dispute this information. It did not, however, explain this material to its readers. The one point of agreement the Committee has with this story is its emphasis on the role Justice Department prosecutors, not just ATF agents, played in guns being transferred to drug cartels in Mexico. The allegations made in the story have been examined and rejected by congressional Republicans, Democrats, and the Justice Department.

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272 comments on “CNN: Did Operation Fast and Furious Even Happen?
  1. CharlesW says:

    Two stupid cunts

  2. paperpushermj says:

    OK I’ve heard enough to make the comment the her attempt to spin the issue toward “It was not our intent to lose track of the Weapons” as a way of offering cover to the Justice Department is not going to hold water, because no one I know is claiming losing the Weapons was “Intentional”, we claim it happened due to INCOMPETENCE.  So Soledad would have us alter our gaze away from the meat of the story toward looking at what she has in her left hand. She is playing the same role of German Soldiers dressed as American MPs standing at a Road Crossing directing convoys to go in the wrong direction.

  3. Even more revealing.. google katherine eban and you’ll not get any hits other than this story, some “The Nation” or her personal tweet/websites.  Where is her wikipedia entry?.. Where did she go to school?.. Before I give credence to any reporter, I look into their back ground.  Her’s is as shrouded in secrecy as Obummers!

  4. Parksanne says:

    Issa’s committee has already obtained 7800 internal DOJ documents regarding Fast and Furious. It is just a fantasy that the liberals want to put out to try to save Obama and Holders behind. If it didn’t exist why would Obama claim Executive Priviledge?  CNN and the Democratic media will do anything to make excuses for him. This belongs on the SYFY channel. CNN,  Soledad and that stupid magazine should be ashamed of themselves for misleading poor empty headed liberals because they DO believe everything CNN says without question. They aren’t very smart and that is why they need the govt to do everything for them, make all their decisions, and tell them what to do and when to do it.

  5. badnews says:

    The Grimm Brothers could have taken lessons from these people.  The fantasy they spin is amazing.

  6. PPTA says:

    What do you expect out of CNN? Truth? Forget it. CNN is, has been, one of the biggest liars in the sort of news stories I  have ever seen. Do any of you remember in Iraq when a CNN cameraman went in a terprrist van with a terorrist sniper, and the sniper shot a Amercan soldier at a check point? That was when I totally quit watching CNN. That cameraman had a opportunity to stop that attack and didn’t. If ever a person should have been tried for being a acomplice for murder, it was that cameraman.

    Tha is the type of scum who work at CNN. They don’t even come close to actual news.

    This is why I watch foreign news.

  7. The leftist media attempt at Jedi mind tricks fails yet again. “Fast & Furious never happened”. Oops, it’s been going on for 18 months!

    Holder: These documents that prove I knew what I knew and when I knew it are not the documents you want that prove I knew what I knew and when I knew it.

    0bama: The 0bamacare tax is not a tax. 

    Pelosi is a smart lady that always tells the truth.

    click the name.

  8. Gary Alan Adkins says:

    Buck Obama!

  9. CariocaTom says:

    So “Blind eye” Holder’s office generated over a hundred thousand documents for an event that never happened? Then BO declared executive privilege for the event that never happened? That’s a hard sell. Makes about as much sense as female sideline announcers.

    How much paperwork is there for when the White House idiots get around to doing something?

  10. Riobravo30 says:

    It happen,CNN sucks up to Obama CNN are weasels.They report only the good news for Obama,what abunch of villans.

  11. lizaz says:

    CNN…..ask Brian Terry’s family if FNF happened, you morons!!!!

  12. LARK125 says:

    what a shi* news organization why don’t they get off their a**  and really do some news investigating before they put this shi* out.  no wonder they are losing their audience. 

  13. John says:

    This is brought to you by the same people who are questioning if the Holocaust ever took place.  The rewriters of history are always quick to deny something happened even in the face of mountains of evidence and operate on the premise that if you say a lie loud enough and often enough it will become the truth to most people.

  14. James Hay says:

    The Liberal Media Has Their Heads Stuck So Far Up Obama’s Butt That They Are Totally Oblivious To Reality.

  15. Macranthunter says:

    Yay CNN!

    By April 2013 CNN will be folded under HLN and CNN will cease to exist as in individual news agency. There isn’t enough money to keep them both going.