Democrats Say Voter Fraud is Acceptable

During the first stop of the Americans For Prosperity (AFP) “Real Facts, Real Solutions” bus tour in Virginia, a small group of protestors–organized by the Democratic Party of Virginia–held signs accusing AFP of voter fraud. When asked to comment, they said nothing, then, stated clearly that a certain amount of voter fraud is acceptable.

The protesters were mostly kids in their late teens and early 20′s. Organizing them were Brian Coy, Communications Director for the Virginia Democrat Party, and Cesar Del Aguila, leader of the Fairfax County Democratic Committee.

I attempted to ask the young man holding the sign what proof he had of AFP voter fraud, but he gave no answer. Organizers, including Del Aguila and a man under the direction of Coy directed the protesters not to answer any questions.

How is it that Democrats claim that voter fraud doesn’t exist, yet can also claim that Americans For Prosperity support it? Del Aguila confirms that Virginia Democrats agree voter fraud exists, but that they are ok with a certain percentage of it.

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187 comments on “Democrats Say Voter Fraud is Acceptable
  1. jong says:

    For liberals it not only accepted but, necessary for them to win.

  2. Texas Watcher says:

    Of course it’s acceptable to them…they promote it.

  3. arlo says:

    If voter fraud is acceptable, then target practicing is acceptable, both are against the law……..come on Ma, line s’more of dem dumoRATS up agin the wall….yahoo 

  4. Mark says:

    Of course they think fraud is ok unless the right uses it against them and then it’s illegal.  These libs today are way out of control.  We’ve got to get them out and keep them out.

    • Have you started to hear already that Marco Rubio is not eligable to be VP?

      • Rich Bach says:


        I have been saying that for months now. I even state a 1875 Supreme Court ruling. Minor vs Happersett is the case and the Supreme Court ruled that in order to be a natural born citizen, both parents needed to be citizens of the United States. Neither Marco Rubio nor Bobby Jindal are eligible to be Vice President since both of their parents were Cuban and Indian citizens when they were born, respectively.

  5. Jason Burns says:

    “Democrats say voter fraud is acceptable”

    Yeah, so does the GOP.  Just look at the well documented and caught on video shenanigans they pulled in almost every state against the Ron Paul and Santorum delegates to get Romney in.  That is the reason they are getting a civil rights lawsuit!  They have NO room to talk about accepting voter fraud when they are committing it themselves to get in their Goldman Sachs candidate.

    • Michael says:

      Jason, you are indeed an idiot.  Some day you will grow up (I hope)

      • Jason Burns says:

        So if the other group commits fraud, they are criminals, but if I point out that your group is doing it too, then I am the idiot?  HA!  I think your hypocrisy is showing.  

        We Republicans/Conservative don’t have any right to break the law either.  One group doesn’t get the right to do it, just because they are on our team…  Wrong is wrong.

        Some day you will be less of a hypocrite…  (I hope)

        • Harry says:

          Look here! – a sensible, reason-driven Republican/Conservative. Such a rare occurrence to encounter a guy like you on this site, Jason. Keep ‘em coming!

    • West in 2016 says:

      There are ALOT more dead people and pets “voting” for the Dems than for the Conservatives. Take them out and let’s see how well they can pull out this next Presidential election.
      “HeeeHawwww”….Dem’s battle cry. :)

      • Edward shick says:

         The one who’s vote should count often don’t because they are defending our right to vote in a Foreign country ,and there votes do not get back in time to be counted

    • lawnorder says:

      Voter fraud is unacceptable no matter who commits it. But I ask you why do the President and the Attorney General refuse to allow the States to purge dead voters and non-American citizens from the voting rolls? In these instances it is the Democrats who are promoting and encouraging voter fraud. 

      • Jason Burns says:

        No argument there.  I just think that if we are going to point the finger at the criminals, we shouldn’t be picking and choosing which criminals we are pointing at.  

    • fiddler says:

      It’s the skewed measure Jason. Democrats think: “their ounce equals our ton”. That’s where they justify it. Forget about what is lawful; it about winning at all costs.

    • dondehoff says:

      Sir, please provide  exact details for your claims. I am a staunch Republican, and a strict constitutionalist and I, and most  Republicans,  don’t put up with such alleged acts. Why is it  that none of the Libertarians can accept that 5% of the vote is not going to “carry the day”. Also, a “delegate” or representative is required to support the will of his or her constituants. There is no provision for any such delegate to “vote their conscience”, as that bastardizes the meaning of delegate—Check Webster or “Google”—and you talk about fraud!  Also, those few votes  going for Ron Paul, instead of Romney, could result in our president staying in office. Again, at this point, it is essential that we don’t vote for the “one we like”. Instead, we bite our lip and vote for the person who will get this man out of office. That, in no way, violates ones “conscience”, as there is an “overriding” cause. Can you and your followers live with the headlines, “Libertarian’s votes  retain Obama in office!”

    • SheilaRae says:

      Well if there’s a lawsuit against those shenanigans, the truth will be revealed in time, and that’s good. But you are equating primary shenanigans between candidates of the SAME PARTY with the national presidential election. Last time I looked, delegates don’t need their hand held, and are allowed to change their loyalties.

  6. DrBillLemoine says:

    Voter fraud is NOT acceptable, by anybody. It’s also not acceptable to go outside normal statutory provisions to suppress elderly, poor, minority and Democratic voters. Most elections are supervised by electoral commissions in the states and localities and routinely purge rolls plus identify voters casting ballots. Anything more is ‘fraud’–like Republican dominated precincts taking unwarranted efforts to minimize what is already a MINOR problem anywhere you care to look. The biggest fraud is perpetrated in ME and WI lately during Republican Primaries and by Republican Election officials. Losing ballots or finding/returning election results very late are fraud that the law doesn’t account for. Elections are too important in a democracy to play with–that’s the fraud referenced by demonstrators.

    • Uncle Pat says:

      Are you serious? Or, is the joke of the day !

    • Douglas says:

       So let me see Dr if I have this correct. Acorn didn’t happen and fraud wasn’t the reason they shut them down. Voter ID issue isn’t a real problem across most of America and the crying of foul by everyone within Obama’s group isn’t anything to be concerned with. That both the AG and Obama calling out the Governor’s of States that want voter ID required…is a Republican thing??? Yes half truth has become a matter of acceptance and you Dr must have gotten your degree from the same university that employ’s a known and Convicted American Terrorist in the First Degree!! Research the real truth about your Democrat party and let talk again! But based on facts and truth!

    • fiddler says:

      Do you remember the 2000 election? Vote-o-matic in Democrat cars and the BLATANT, DELIBERATE plan to invalidate over-seas ballots? THAT’S CRIMINAL! Do you remember how Al Frankin managed to “find” votes at the last minute and become a Senator? Do you remember in Arizona how Republican votes on the voting machines got changed to Democratic votes? Do you remember the illegal tactics used in Arizona by local vendors?

      I believe Harry Reid stole the election from Sharron Angle who was ahead in the polling the day before.

      • SheilaRae says:

        YES I remember how AL Frankenstein got elected! Bags of votes were “found” in a democratic election officer’s car trunk! Or wait, that may have been any number of other states too. Arizona had that pesky problem with the voting machines, where it was already set to Harry GREED and after they voted the lever STILL pointed to him. Yeah, I just bet those Republicans did that! I mean, get real, the DEMS do stuff like this for a living.

    • el_loco_jp says:

      Go back to posting on the Communist Workers of America site.  There has never been a credible case of Repub voter fraud while the Dems are verifiably guilty in a plethora of cases.  I cite Reid, Franken and Rangel just to name a few.

    • SheilaRae says:

      Can YOU give examples of the fraud perpetrated in WI during Republican Primaries and by Republican Election officials??  Given that the press is overwlemingly left, one would think it would be splashed on the front pages of the WI newspapers. 

  7. RYANDIST says:


  8. Sutekh says:

    Voter fraud is only acceptable if it puts a Democrat in office and keeps him there.  That’s the message the Democratic Party has for everyone.

  9. Tigerrayallen says:

    Whats new.  Acorn, illegals, attempts to prevent purge of rolls to remove dead.  Only way they can ever win an election.

  10. Washington22 says:

    Unless they lose………….then they’ll scream fraud, it’s not fair, there was cheating……….But if they win, there was NO fraud!

  11. sandman says:

    lets see what these idiot say when 400,000 dear republicans come out and vote in the bluest of states!

  12. coconuisse says:

    Another compromise on the slippery slide to chaos.  Since voter fraud is a plus on the Democratic side of the ballot, what’s the problem?  Now if this was a CONSERVATIVE ploy, the Democrats would be ranting and raving to have every citizen whose guns they had not already confisticated, run out into the streets and shoot every right-leaning person they came across and continue shooting until the offending culprit ceased moving.

  13. munimula says:

    Democrats are the party of lawlessness.  If you do not agree with a law, ignore it.

    Liberalism is a mental illness.

    • fiddler says:

      But OH BOY, you BETTER pay your taxes so that we can do whatever we want with that money! Cause that’s the LAW!!

  14. Charleyhog says:

    voter fraud    unacceptable    it takes away my vote   and gives those who do a clear way to get what they want .   I pay taxes and have the equal right to be heard and live   and those who take away that by voter fraud should be fined , jailed and banned from voting for life   also I have no problem with voter ID when voting and also photograph each voter so if fraud is attempted    you got proof    then    jail them      tired of those few taking away my vote      just lie the recall crap in wisconsin   those who cost us 16 million for the recall should pay   for it not the people who did not sign  the recall         the recall not only cost us 16 mill. but in essence took away my vote in the election  where gov walker won originally    

    • fiddler says:

      Yes, just like the teachers who took the day off to go protest at the capitol while someone wrote out excuse forms for them, and the legislators that skipped town and the state to hold up a lawful vote. Oh yeah, they get really creative when it comes to getting what they want.

  15. MikeyParks says:

    They’d be singing a different tune if the fraud was helping Republicans.