John McCain: Obama’s Arizona Stance ‘Political’

Sen. John McCain says President Barack Obama is motivated by “political calculations” in supporting the repeal of Arizona’s controversial immigration law.

“In order for the president of the United States to be reelected, he has to have very solid support amongst the Hispanic community,” the Arizona Republican told Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren, hours after the Supreme Court struck down three provisions of the law. “I cannot believe that political calculations are not a major part of this. Otherwise, he would have proposed comprehensive immigration reform back in 2009 when he was first president of the United States.”

The Supreme Court on Monday ruled to uphold what is widely known as the “show me your papers” provision of SB 1070, which mandates that police officers check the documents of an individual who has been stopped for questioning if there is reason to believe that they are in the country illegally.

Describing his state as the place where plenty of drugs and illegal immigrants enter the country through the border, McCain also asserted that the administration’s stance on the state’s immigration law is “worse than ironic.”

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21 comments on “John McCain: Obama’s Arizona Stance ‘Political’
  1. ElizabethMC says:

    Where was this McCain during the election?

  2. jong says:

    Of course since the Federal Government will not uphold the law they are breaking what both the Supreme Court has said and law.  The Supreme Court said that it is the Federal Governments responsibility to enforce the border law (that is also been given them by the Constitution).   Obama by refusing to enforce existing law has broken it.   Once again charges of treason should be filed on him but, with the Senate under his control little would be accomplished.

  3. Dingbat36 says:

    McCain miscalculates the Hispanics sentiments as badly as many of the politicians do.  All the people who came here the right way have been slapped in the face by Obama turning his back on our open border which lets all these “fleas” in, as well as God only knows how many terrorists. The Hispanics who are citizens know that this is law breaking at it’s most egregious but do not care to voice that opinion in fear of being seen as having no loyalty to their contemporaries.  My ancestors came from Ireland and England but I don’t consider myself anything but an American nor does my husband whose heritage is French and Belgian.

    Anyone who is a naturalized American citizen and wishes to wave a Mexican or any other flag is just plain WRONG!

  4. ordman says:

    Now that the SCOTUS  has failed to up hold most of SB 1070 and the President has decided not to enforce the rest of the immigration laws already on the books. I think that it might be time for the following.
    Whereas the Federal Government of the United States of America as abdicated its responsibility under Article 4 Section 4 of The Constitution of the United States of America in that the Federal Government has FAILED to “protect each of them against Invasion.” We the States here by form with Legislative consent and Executive authority a Federation of Self State Defense. We the States do here by acknowledge and confirm that the most Vital and Immediate function of the States is the Protection, Safety, and Well being of the Citizenry of the States. We the States due hereby declare that after this Federation of Self State Defense is placed in effect by and for the States that anyone found within the legal and lawful boundaries of said States who are not a legal citizen of or resident of the United States of America or does not possess a valid United States Visa shall be arrested and held until as such time as persons found to be illegally within States may be deported to their country of origin unless said persons have committed a crime against the States or Persons thereof in shall case normal due process shall apply. All property of anyone found to be in the States illegally will be seized by the State and further more will be disposed by the State as it deems fit and necessary. The States also agree that any person or persons who knowingly house, employ, or in any way provide for any person or persons who are illegally within the States shall be charged and arrested with a felony and if found guilty will serve no less than Ten Years plus a fine of no less than $100,000.00 per conviction. The States further declare that this Federation of Self State Defense shall remain in place until such time as that the Federal Government of the United States of America can demonstrate its ability and willingness to once again fulfill its Constitutional requirements.

    • Budman321 says:

      Sounds good Ordman.If those people in Congress do not get off their backsides and begin representing the people, your suggestions could become a reality. When we have a situation where individual states are not allowed to even comply with Federal Law, it becomes a very real problem and that is what we have here both in immigration and voting laws.
      I believe all those states which are currently experiencing serious conflict with the Federal Government should simply ignore them. If the Federal Government files a lawsuit, then take it back to court with proof that the Federal Government has refused to comply with the letter of the law or delayed action strictly for political purposes.,
      Two states could prove their cases regarding this in court, those being Arizona and Florida in both the immigration and voting act as this was not the issue addressed in the recent Supreme Court decision on immigration/illegal immigrants.

    • I thought it was great but need to add that they will be chipped an if found on American soil again they will be shot on site.

  5. Noob says:

    McCain is a RINO who supports the invasion.  It’s hard to believe the voters of my state keep putting this looser back in office year after year.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      it is because we are in the end days and so few people even know what is best for the country. That does not prevent them from being allowed to make choices which is ruining us a a Christian progressive country. How can we progress when GOD is not allowed to be considered a part of HIS world

      HE will sooner or later, end to the progress of evil that if flooding our country from one end to another

  6. RubyBlu says:

    Truly, what does McCain offer of any value to his constituents?  He sounds like a parrot only a day late and a dollar short.  ‘Political’?  WE need him to repeat this, why?

  7. Wcub111 says:

    To bad for America, and for Arizona in particular, that McCain and the majority of the republican politicians can only “afford” to get a little upset over the SCOTUS and the POTUS positions. That’s what is wrong with our current system — too much political double talk and not enough testosterone! McCain is not even a RINO; he has become a simple blow hard who happens to be on the other end of the donkey!

  8. sean murry. says:

    Maybe our spineless congress needs to stand up and say enough of this.

  9. Philip Lockerman says:

    Someone should confront McCain and the other RINOS who signed into being the N.D.A.A……READ section 1021 of that document if you don’t already know ! ! Their actions are no different  than that of Barry O.’s….their all traitors ! The current congress is impotent and hasn’t served us….we’re the one’s who sent them to Washington to work for us and we’re responsible for their paychecks ! This problem in Arizona only exist to take your eyes off of the real problems that are plaguing OUR nation ! It’s divide and conquer time unless WE wake up !

  10. bigjack1 says:

    Quite frankly no legislature since Reagan has even wanted to touch illegal immigration and both parties are as guilty because they don’t want to offend the hispanic community. Well I’m sorry but both parties are cowards and it is time to take a stand . Even the hispanic community!. If a country has no borders and laws against illegal entry, you have no country. The Hispanic people who are legal citizens suffer just as much from the burden of illegals. One could rehash all the arguments for and against the illegals that are hear, but the point is that if we don’t address this issue soon it will be like the argument about drilling, if we had started exploring and drilling for oil  20 years ago we would not be so dependent on foreign oil now, but we have been hampered but the liberals at every turn. And in much the same way, the ( liberals, socialist, progressives, or communists ) have stalled any move to curtail the problem with illegal immigration. In my opinion deliberately. Call it buying votes for Democrats, call it ” Too scared to touch the issue ” for Republicans. Pandering or afraid to act is and will continue to cause major problems for this country. Say what you will folks but couple this problem with all the other problems our country is facing , plus the lack of real leadership, we are in deep doodoo. But, by  not upholding the Law of the Land is the beginning  of anarchy. I’m afraid it will get worse before it gets better. 

  11. Donaldryork says:

    We know it is McCain, now go back to your nap.

  12. Budman321 says:

    McCain as usual is throwing his little tid bit out there but not doing what he and other members of Congress should have done a long time ago. That is recognizing that Obama was never eligible to be the President in the first place and could solve the problem rather quickly. A simple request, produce the birth certificate or face annullment of your administration and all laws passed under it. Obama can’t produce something that doesn’t exist. If the Senate blocks it the action, take civil action where he has no choice or be indicted.

  13. Gman says:

    McCain needs to go. It’s really sad that a man that has been all what he’s been through is so “balless” about this country and where it is heading. I look up to and thank all veterans who have served this country and the American people. I have no respect for this man. I have always thought that 51% of the reason Odumba is in office today due to the fools that voted for for the him. The other 49% was McCain’s.

  14. Ricbee says:

    McCain makes sounds like a “tinkling bell”.

  15. Mgpb007 says:

    I am king there for their is no CONSTITUTION. I HAVE MY OWN programs. I do not even have enough money to run HEY tax payers support me.