Sheriff Joe: 'Obama Waging War on Arizona'

Says DHS retaliating against state over Supreme Court decision

“Obama is waging war on Arizona over illegal immigration.”

That terse assessment is from Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who has tangled with the White House over his investigation of Obama’s birth records, as well as the Department of Justice’s allegations that the sheriff’s department profiles suspects.

Both of those major issues remain unresolved, with Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse review of Obama’s eligibility for the White House continuing. The investigators earlier confirmed there is probable cause to believe Obama’s birth records were forged and presenting them as an official government document is a fraud.

Arpaio also has challenged Attorney General Eric Holder to prove in court his claims that the sheriff’s office profiles suspects.

His comment today was in response to DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano’s decision to suspend for Arizona what is known as “the 287(g) program,” named for a provision of federal law used by DHS to deputize local, county, and state law enforcement officers to assist in the enforcement of federal immigration laws.

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19 comments on “Sheriff Joe: 'Obama Waging War on Arizona'
  1. jong says:

    Brewer needs to do two things.   First of all alert certain units of the Arizona National Guard that they will be doing border duties.   Secondly sue the Obama administration for not obeying the Supreme Courts decision that determined that they are responsible for the guarding the border.

    • alan g says:

      You are so right. She should sue for obstruction of justice. He should also be accused of dereliction of duty.

  2. Noob says:

    What’s sad is the local news channels here in Phoenix seem to support the scumbags in Washington and the dirt bag illegals.

  3. Willybobs36 says:

    Dosent ARIZONA get it. They all need to UNITE and get rid of all the illegals. Dont wait till its too late. 

    • wayne74467 says:

      Willy, what is your state doing. Are they uniting and getting rid of all the illegals?

  4. Proudamerican says:

    No Joe- obama is waging war on AMERICA and Arizona just happened to stand up to him first.   You are on your own in Arizona Sheriff Joe.   Kick some illegal alien butts ASAP!

  5. sean murry. says:

    You guys in Arizona need to unite and kick out the illegals.

  6. Philip Lockerman says:

    I can’t wait till Sheriff Joe gets the goods on the illegal who’s living in OUR White House and then has him deported after a lengthy jail term for crimes committed ! !

    • Jim S in EGR says:

      Phil, I suspect Sheriff Joe already has the goods. I also suspect he’s waiting for the right time to release them.

  7. colleenf says:

    I will stand with Arizona………………WILL YOU??
    I will stand for America……………….WILL YOU??
    I will stand for individual liberty….the right to bear arms, the right to worship as I choose, the right to speak my mind, to peaceful assembly…….WILL YOU??
    I will vote this thug and his evil, racist minions out in November………………WILL YOU??

    • Donaldryork says:

       You can bet the farm that I’m with you Colleenf. I’m ready to march on Washington again, as i have many times before. I wont stand aside and let a socialist take over the country i fought for. NEVER!!!              TOTALLY ENGAGED AMERICAN!!!

      • colleenf says:

        Everybody needs to be prepared.  Plan for the worst and hope for the best.  I do not want an armed revolution, I want it to be a revolution at the voting booth.  But having said that, I will not stand quietly and allow a bunch of libs/socialists/marxists dictate to me on every aspect of my life and penalize me when I disagree!
        Obama telling Arizona that Homeland Security (now that is an oxymoron if there ever was one!) will not take the calls from any Arizona police/law enforcement agency to pick up illegals………….that was not just a slap in the face, but it was a payback to Jan Brewer for defying odumbo!

    • sean murry. says:

      I am with you.

  8. Nedlip says:

    Arizona needs to make a pact with California, Nevada or New Mexico to have them check the status of illegals they stop. Obama can’t stop every state or canhe?

  9. Sugarbear says:

    Obama should be impeached immediately for refusing to do his duty to FAITHFULLY carry out the duties of his office.  He and Holder cannot pick and choose which laws to enforce and which ones to ignore.  A republican would never get away with what he is doing. What’s wrong with this picture?

  10. MGJ says:

    OMarxist and his lawless, corrupt Socialist/Progressive (new word for Commuinst) thugs have waged war on the entire Republic, not just AZ. Make no mistake that this is a battle for survival of our Constitutional Republic and the freedoms and opportunities that come with it. The Bible says that Satan comes to “steal, to kill and to destroy, and that’s a pretty good description of the radicals in the current administration. They must be stopped before this once great nation is destroyed. By far, the majority of Americans do not agree with the radical direction we have taken, and we must not let it continue on our watch, and make no mistake that it is OUR WATCH while we still have life and breath! Thank God for Sheriff Joe and the people of AZ. Now let the citizens of these United States join them in this battle on every front!

  11. AJP says:

    Joe put out when you need outside help iam sure you will get plenty of Volunteer to assist your State This BARRY S. is a COMMUNIST Muslin Idiot.

  12. Riobravo30 says:

    It is hell, Ariz can’t get no justice, even from the hightest court in the land.None of this would have happen. if we only would have had an real Pres.

  13. Marj0120 says:

    As a resident of AZ living just a few short miles from the border, I think I can speak for most of my neighbors in saying thank you all for the moral support of the peoplee of AZ. 

    Thankfully, we are able to be armed in this state and most are prepared to protect our homes and families in case the illegals are enboldened by the WH’s statement that they will not answer the phone if AZ is calling.