Romney Says President Doesn't Need Congressional Approval to Go to War

Like President Obama, he proposes circumventing the Constitution. What will his anti-war endorser Senator Rand Paul say?

On Face the Nation on Sunday, Mitt Romney said that if elected president he wouldn’t have to get congressional permission for a military strike on Iran.

To quote him directly (emphasis added):

I can assure you if I’m president, the Iranians will have no question but that I will be willing to take military action if necessary to prevent them from becoming a nuclear threat to the world.I don’t believe at this stage, therefore, if I’m president that we need to have a war powers approval or special authorization for military force. The president has that capacity now. I understand that some in the Senate for instance have written letters to the president indicating you should know that a containment strategy is unacceptable. We cannot survive a course of action which would include a nuclear Iran we must be willing to take any and all actions.

All those actions must be on the table.

If a President Romney waged war without Congressional approval, it would be the first time a sitting president violated the Constitution’s separation of powers and the War Powers Resolution since President Obama did it in Libya.

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410 comments on “Romney Says President Doesn't Need Congressional Approval to Go to War
  1. TheGizmo51 says:

    The congress of the state and federal government are the most powerful
    unions in the world.  They vote their own wages, they vote their own
    pensions, they vote their own benefits, and they vote their own health
    insurance, ALL are the best, all are the most expensive, all are public
    employees, and all are at the government and taxpayer expense.  Reducing
    their perks would go a long way at reducing the deficit and balancing
    the budget.

    • Thedreamweaver says:

      Time for some UNION BUSTING………..I never thought of Congress as a union, but you are so right, Gizmo……………….Let’s work on that right after the elections, right after we win, right after we wave bye-bye to Ozero and family boarding the helicoptor.  It’s a necessary job that American voters have to do.

      • TheGizmo51 says:

         You are so right.  No need for unions, no need for minimum wage, no need for any workers’ rights.  Slavery was so much cheaper, easier, and much more efficient.  Right or wrong doesn’t matter as long as the right people are right.

  2. Templet says:

    That’s exactly why romney is the wrong person to e elected as president and I don’t support him at all! Rony2012!

    • Neal says:

      There is no alternative to Romney…In other words your saying, you support Obama and his disastrous policies that have brought this county to the brink of the abyss and bankruptcy.
      Unless you choose not to vote at all, please vote for a proven leader, and Romney is that
      candidate. Even he is not without fault, but again who is when it come to politics. (ABO)

      • Thedreamweaver says:

        Correct, Neal.

      • awakenow says:

        Neal, my Republican Party deserves to lose again by putting up, yet another, phony Conservative as is Mr. RomneyCare.  And, every single so-called Republican/true Conservative who says we MUST support Mr. RomneyCare also deserves to see their candidate lose to OBombya in November.  Maybe, just maybe, some of you so-called Republicans will finally begin to understand the level of manipulation, misdirection, misinformation and outright lies that have become standard operating procedure for our beloved GOP.  You people are like sheeps and you are fed the same old establishment GOP political talking points and you gobble them up, and stand ready to “taken one for the team.”  Well, I say good luck with all that because the establishment GOP is corrupt and they do not work for us and we are seeing this more and more but so many still refuse to believe it.  The same thing goes on the other side of the political fence.  God help the Republic.

        • Mridens says:

          It is impossible to wake someone who is pretending to be asleep – Navajo Proverb

        • Edward shick says:

           Sounds like another Drug user to Me,Get out of the Stupid world you are in

        • Bilsmema1 says:

          So your solution is to let Obama reign free for another 4 yrs or more!!!!!

        • Dariuszdavies says:

          Should we have Obama for 4 years or Romney for potentially 8 years?
          Hard decision that none of us should make.
          Doesn’t matter now. As long as Romney stops dividing the country and the GOP we will win.

      • 1972patriot says:

        There are alternatives… One is called a brokered convention. We do not decide if there will be a brokered… RNC rules will determine. Once voting begins at convention, an alternative may be chosen by GOP delegates. That nominee could be someone that has been on the ticket and dropped out or ‘suspended’, or someone that has not been on the ticket at all. Interesting prospect in the least.

        Two… Ron Paul delegates have sued for those who are ill informed. 
         It alleges that the RNC and its chairman, Reince Priebus, quietly and improperly aided Mitt Romney throughout the GOP nomination fight. Of course, the RNC claims the suit is frivolous…. but it has teeth. This may be in vain, for I fear there is a possibility that Paul may be in bed with the RNC/Romney camp. Only time will tell if there is any justice to be found in our court system. 

        Lastly, let us not forget that Romney is a DEFENDANT in an ongoing lawsuit all of his own which alleges he and his son were involved in an eight million dollar plus ponzi scheme that makes Bernie Madoff look like loose change. Evidence lends itself towards prosecution. Only time will tell if money can buy this guy freedom from prosecution and persecution.

        Anyone who buys into the story that Romney is a conservative and locked in as the Republican nominee is woefully misinformed.

      • GringoLingo says:

         You are INCORRECT!   You people who believe so much that you must vote for the candidate that the party submits, apply a false logic to your thinking. What you must do is stop wasting you vote on the lesser of two evils. Commit to write in Ron Paul, call your republican delegates and convince them that Romney is not the right choice and ask them to vote Ron Paul. Your vote doesn’t count anyway, the delegate’s vote is the one that matters. Learn about how the process really works!

    • Edward shick says:

       Welcome to communism , Muslim style, Re elect Obama and you ain’t seen nothing yet..He got his start at destroying America , it is scarey what will happen from Nov till Jan 20.  Four more years and we’ll look like Mexico, Holder already has with fast and Furrious killed 50’000 people Go Drug Cartel our President likes his Drugs ., Any body but this Evil Man lead by Michelle ahd Vallerie

  3. doug says:

    The constitution states that congress will enact no law that does not apply equally to congress.

    • Rfh53 says:

      Somehow I think the congress must have missed that sentence in their copy of the constitution….must be Bush’s fault. ;-)

      • Steven says:

         But they forgot that provision before George W Bush was born.  But the Democrats blame him for the Civil War,.

  4. Burntkerosene says:

    We come to the precipice of the slippery slope here. Many Presidents have sent strikes into locations, which were direct retailiation or response to threats defending our borders, Constitution or way of life. A military strike as part of a joint operation is permissible provided we are not the lead. Attacking a sovereign nation, as a whole, and as a military option must come with Congressional approval. Both Bush’s did so with Gulf wars 1 and 2. Romney is correct, to a point,especially if Iran were to go nuclear, and directly threatened us or allies. The problem with Obama is that Libya poised no direct threat, and he should have gone to Congress.

    • Thedreamweaver says:

      And with your senario, I have to say this……….if we waited for congress to make up it’s mind, we’d
       have a “nuc” go off in this country.  The strikes that you suggest above, were in essence, WAR.  They just call it a strike.

    • awakenow says:

      Ah, yes.  Let’s cite the old and tired “coalition” scenario and excuse.  Of course, we all know which country is the most involved, in terms of weaponry and blood and treasure.  And, using the backing and direction of the United Nations is also used to justify our “heavy” involvement.  Btw, where does Mr. RomneyCare think he’s going to get the money to start a new war?  Aren’t they already in a massive debt hole and talking about making HUGE cuts to Medicare and Social Security? 

      • SheilaRae says:

        I seem to recall the Israelis bombed the heck out of Iran years ago, setting their nuke operations back 15 years, then went home. What I am saying is that it wouldn’t take much time to send a dozen drones with ample bombs to cripple Iran’s nuke capabilities. Maybe if it had been done on a yearly basis, starting 10 or 12 years ago, Iran wouldn’t be this close to getting the bomb. So if only drones are used, and no boots on the ground, would we need to get approval from Congress? After all, Oboyman is doing that now, without Congressional approval. 

  5. Jgrychak says:

    Is Romney correct? That a president doesn’t need congressional approval to go to war? Can this be true? I suggest that the office of the president be re-evaluated, and that all powers that he is allowed to use on his own, be taken away ASAP. No one man should be able to go around congress for anything, thats what we have a congress for! This ILLEGAL/MUSLIM/SOB, is just running rampant, at our expense, and nobody seems to want to do anything to stop him. He should have been IMPEACHED long ago, I don’ if the blacks like it or not, he’s got to go. This Fraudulent/plant in this office is follwing a socialistic agenda to take away everything capitalistic that our nation was founded on, the masses of Americans want this guy out of office, why has congress not done so? Are they afraid of reprecussions from the blacks? So be it, I don’t care, I want this  MUSLIM SOB gone, and he should be made an example of, make him stand trial for crimes against breaking his oath, and other treasonous actions against America. Throw the bum in jail and Holder also.

    • Thedreamweaver says:

      The past several presidents have been doing just as he says……………..check it out…………….

    • awakenow says:

      So, I understand your correct outrage at the current liar-in-chief occupying our White House who acts as if he were a dictator and continue to spit on the Constitution.  BUT, where is your outrage over Mr. RomneyCare’s statement that spits on the Constitution, too?  The Constitution means nothing to this man, just as it means nothing to Obombya.  In addition, apparently, the Constitution means nothing to the Republican Party big shots who have already been funding Mr. RomneyCare BEFORE he has officially won the nomination in August.  This is blatant GOP rule violation and Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican Party, should be kicked out for doing this.  Btw, here’s a little known fact about Priebus …during new chairman candidate debates, he mentioned how swell the Real ID Act, the installing of computer chip tracking devices, are in drivers licences and passports.  In fact, he went on to say that we should forego all those silly state drivers licenses as a means of identification and instead all have one card … a NATIONAL ID CARD with, of course, a chip .. in order to keep us “safe and secure” and, supposedly, to keep the illegals and terrorists out.  More Big Brother Government, individual liberty destroying, government being put into play by our supposedly SMALL government, liberty defending, GOP.  Wake up, people.  

    • Steven says:

       Actually, he did NOT say the President doesn’t need Congressional approval to go to war.  I submit his position is that Congress has ALREADY approved taking action to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power.  After 9/11, Congress insisted on authorizing use of all “necessary and appropriate force” against those whom he determined
      “planned, authorized, committed or aided” the September 11th attacks, or
      who harbored said persons or groups.

      If the President determines, even incorrectly, that Iran sided the 9/11 plot in ANY way, this can be taken as authorization to use military force against Iran.

  6. Doc says:

    The president is allowed the use of the Marines for 90 days without the permission of congress.

    • awakenow says:

      Really?  Well, if so, why is it that those 90 days somehow morph into years???

      • Doc says:

         Once activity is engaged in then they get the congress to sign off on it. Activities which don’t require more than 90 days go without oversight. This is a way for presidents to wage gorilla actions on the QT. This is also a way for wanna be kings to take out individuals or small groups of civilians who voice opposition to their policies. Welcome to 1984

  7. oildance says:

    It appears that the conspiracy theory of the secret government behind both parties is true. 

    • Thedreamweaver says:

      Watch the new series on REELZ network called “XIII”…………………It’s  about exactly what you suggest.  The series is a “24 type” show, about the government and intrigue………..VERY GOOD.

  8. sean murry. says:

    Now it comes out the secret goverment.

  9. Max Penn says:

    Sadly we must vote for the lesser of the two evils, anyone but Obama is what I say.

  10. hambone says:

    What crap that statement is. Congress is the only branch of government that can say it’s okay to send out the arm forces.
    The president has to get that okay from them. These two yahoos that we have to pick from  are not in touch with the laws of the land. I think that they make up crap and say it’s the law.  makes my brain hurt that we can’t or wont pick a better president then what we have to chose from.

  11. Play Watcher says:

    “Romney Says President Doesn’t Need Congressional Approval to Go to War” <– More out-of-control, big government, Constitution-trashing nonsense from this RINO, Statist GOPer who should NEVER get the nomination.  He'll trash the Constitution like Obama is trashing the Constitution.  Wake up "conservative" GOPers, is this what you REALLY want?  BTW:  Romney also supports the NDAA that would put US citizens in jail indefinitely based upon unproven allegations & US citizens could even be KILLED based upon unproven allegations!  How would you like Obama to order a Hellfire drone missile strike on you for no apparent reason?  Would you like it better if Romney does it?

  12. M says:

    Different pimple.  Same behind.

  13. Thedreamweaver says:

    It is all hugely scary, but we need a president who will stand up and NOT allow a nuculear attack on the world.  It isn”t pleasant to think about, but the threat is real and just threatening the  Iranians will help to keep them in check.  With Ozero, there is no threat………..with Romney there is………….The presidents we elect DO have the power, they’ve been doing it for quite a few administrations, now.  It’s supposed to be with the consent of congress, but the precedence has been set……….For me, Romney has the right inclinations on foreign policy.  I don’t like wimps………………

  14. Mrs Diane L Logan says:

    The War Powers Act is in itself unconstitutional. Only the Congress can authorize an act of war, the exception being a direct and immediate threat to the United States.
    To many presidents have bypassed the intent of the founders in regard to who has the last word in declaring war and it darn sure is not the president.
    Passing a resolution without it being a specific declaration of war is a backdoor avenue to bypass the constitution. How many more of those pages will continue to be torn out of our constitution?

    • jong says:

      Anyone thinking that Iran is not a present threat needs to either read history of muslims or check into a hospital for mental evaluation.

      • awakenow says:

        Geez, don’t you ever take a break from rambling on here?  Is your rear end glued to your keyboard?  Do you even have a life???

      • Mrs Diane L Logan says:

        No one is saying Iran is not a threat but if so and it is considered an imminent threat then why doesn’t the president go in front of congress and ask for authority to declare war upon them. Only a dictator would wait until a bit too late to act all the while undermining an ally, Israel, who will be directly under the Iranian nuclear threat.
        Maybe Obama will just propose a phony Tonkin resolution like Johnson did; use that as justification and have a go at it.
        May I ask under what authority did Obama attack Libya who were no threat to the United States nor were ever seen as a threat down the road? Did he do it to leave open an avenue for the Muslim Brotherhood gain control? Seems so to me.
        Our boys are being placed in harms way by men who know not war. The blood spilled by our troops at least should be validated as necessary by our congress. The founders wanted it that way…why not recent presidents?
        Again, The War Power’s Act is unconstitutional. No president should ever have that much authority which was specifically addressed and restricted by the framers.

  15. Romney is saying because of Obama;s Executive orders it is no longer necessary to have congress approve war. That can be changed with the flic of his pen.