Poll: Majority of Americans Think US Headed for Double Dip Recession

A massive majority of likely voters fear America could be slipping into a second economic downturn just four years after the Great Recession, according to a new poll for The Hill.

But people remain split over which of the presidential candidates — Barack Obama or Mitt Romney — are offering the better prescription for economic health.

Amid worrisome jobs numbers and the looming threat of a eurozone crisis, the survey found 75 percent of people were either very or somewhat worried the country is headed toward another recession.

Among those concerned, 46 percent said they were “very” worried and 29 percent said they were “somewhat” worried.

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7 comments on “Poll: Majority of Americans Think US Headed for Double Dip Recession
  1. Conservative says:

    There is no double dip recession.  We have never recovered from the recession which the liberal news media wants us to believe.  When they anounced that the recession was over a couple of years ago, they lied.  The stimulas spending of the Barack Obama administration was a complete failure and only raised our national debt.  The news media put a spin on things to make Barack Obama look good, but the truth is there was no recovery. 

  2. Corsica says:

    There is no double dip recession. We’re in a depression.

  3. 2War Abn Vet says:

    I’ve always scoffed at the media’s constant references to “the recovery” or 
    “the slow recovery”. I’ve come to realize that the definition of recovery is – going to hell in a hand basket.

  4. sean murry. says:

    There no recovery only recession and obummer is bs us.

  5. opar5 says:

    President Obama seems to be trying to emulate FDR’s efforts to resolve the problems of his day.   Problem is, the US of A is the only country in the world that experienced a GREAT DEPRESSION – thanks to government bureaucrats tasked to control a free economy they knew nothing about.    FDR, however, wasn’t importing whole villages of third-world Muslims: tens of thousands new arrivals unable to assimilate or make friends with non-Muslims under threat of death and eternal hell-fire.    Since Obama is offering nothing new on policies or the radical nature of his associates and appointees, we must assume he’s either accomplishing what he wants accomplished – or he’s not nearly as bright as his sychophants paint him.     Which is it – or could it be both?

  6. jong says:

    Bad news people we are already there.   If you can not see it I highly suggest you look at the gas prices next time you fill up.

  7. What recovery? Must have overslept that morning. No, folks, this was mere media BS, this ‘recovery’ they were puffing up for 0bama CYA. Nobody but his hard core minions believed it, because the rest of us are living it and know damnwell it’s only leveled out a bit before the next dip. Or off the cliff, if the EU caves in. There’s a great likelihood of that happening, as we all see the news daily.
    Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.
    Click the name.