GOP Senator Calls NLRB the 'Grim Reaper of Job Creation'

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) will introduce legislation to stop a controversial National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruling that could allow unions to form smaller bargaining units.

Graham, appearing Wednesday on a conference call organized by business groups, said he would introduce an NLRB amendment to the Labor, Health and Human Services appropriations bill when the Senate Appropriations Committee marks it up on Thursday. The measure would ban the use of federal funds to implement an August 2011 NLRB ruling, known as Specialty Healthcare, that critics argue allows for the creation of “micro-unions.”

Graham said he wants to block the NLRB ruling because it has set a precedent where subsets of workers at a worksite can form a union.

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9 comments on “GOP Senator Calls NLRB the 'Grim Reaper of Job Creation'
  1. dad666 says:

    End the Unions stangle hold an workers and the Dumocraps primary source of revenue.

    • Evermyrtle says:

       Yes Scott Walker made a wonderful start into breaking this strangle hold the rest of the 56, er-r-r  49 states, need to get into the race.

  2. jong says:

    First of all any thing that the NLRB does is illegal.   Obama unlawfully appointed people there with out congress approval to the board and since quorum could not be met within the board the whole of any decision is unlawful.   Senate never went our of session because they expected this out of Obama.

    • Evermyrtle says:

       So what, there has nothing been done in the last 42 months that been legal, signed into law by an illegal president, maybe it has come to fight fire with fire. This illegal has walked all over the Congress and nothing has been done about it.

  3. colleenf says:

    Way past time to destroy the unions and stop the NLRB! Nothing but thugs and liars.

  4. DocFreeman says:

    If this does not go through or if Congress fails to abolish NLRB then watch prices go up in different depts at different stores.  Let us pray that American will not fall for union gaff because they will live to regret it.

  5. T Lady says:

    For the first time in history, I’m agreeing with Senator Lindsey Graham.

  6. Evermyrtle says:

    Go For It, Lindsey. SC is behind you.

  7. Stlrsbabe2 says:

    The national labor relations board and headed by a Union leader, what can you expect from them.  Appointed by Obama.