Town to Fine Residents $10K for Not Mowing Lawn

Thousands of dollars in fines? Even jail time? They’re taking home maintenance seriously in one Long Island village.

Make no mistake, a messy lawn can cost you in Massapequa Park.

As CBS 2′s Jennifer McLogan surmised on Tuesday, at least one homeowner on Merrick Road is in hot water. Effective immediately he faces stiff fines and even jail time for failure to maintain his property.

We are instituting a stiff fine that has escalating clauses to be punitive because we want banks and landowners to pay attention to their properties and maintain their properties like the rest of our community,” Mayor James Altadonna, Jr. said.

The vote was unanimous. If your lawns aren’t mowed, if dumpsters are full, gutters are broken, shopping carts are unattended, windows and doors are boarded banks or homeowners face: $250-$1,000 fine for the first offense, $2,500 plus up to 10 days in jail for the second and $10,000 and 15 jail days for the third.

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32 comments on “Town to Fine Residents $10K for Not Mowing Lawn
  1. jong says:

    Talking about cruel and unusual punishment not to mention due process.   Time to tell those fools that you pay taxes and if my lawn is not mowed every week I pay the taxes and I own the land.  As long as there is no danger on my property you really should mind your own business.  Of course the morons on this counsel had better get ready for lawsuits.  

  2. Ricbee says:

    Perhaps this might spur some complacent citizens to VOTE!

  3. LiveFreeOrDie says:

    Time to move!

    • Rafaelc1 says:

      The solution is Very Simple : if 10% of  the American Population, that is 30 Million of real Patriots ,would Unite and * UNITED WE STAND *  * UNITED WE ARE THE POWER * , only a Fool would come against us . That 10% would be the most powerful organization against the Enemy ,foreign and domestic ; there is no military organization of that size on this planet ; obama`s army ,black panthers, tsa,and all the rest of craps on obama`s side would be running and pissing on their pants; all the 10% has to do is to *  STAND TALL * and  say NO to obama`s  distorted mentality. 

      30 Million American Patriots  * UNITED WE STAND *  it is all it takes to CLEAN UP the garbage .
      Now ……how  difficult is to achieve this idea ????  It is matter of being a FREE man in a free Nation or  become a slave. Please pass the idea of the 10% around. Thanks.

      • Plt Sergeant Che says:

        As a proud-member of the 10-percenters,
        I agree with your common sense solution.
        A drill formation will be held July 4, 2012;
        be there!  Uniform of the day:  Black hat,
        shirt, trousers, boots and belt, LBE, pistol
        belt, canteen, ammo-pouch, 300-rounds.
        All weapons will be issued immediately
        following inspection, instructions and
        health check.  07-04-12  DONG CHEE

  4. Boggeygolf says:

    This country sure doesn’t sound like the home of the Brave and Free anymore.    ;{

  5. Gringo Infidel says:

    What fools these busy bodes are.  They get what they deserve.  Tax themselves out of debt?  Right, like unemployment checks stimulate the economy.  


  6. Brianbiker says:

    the way I see it. when one of those liberal wackos occupy wall street thugs go and burn down Romneys house, she should be arrested. Then charged as an accessory and thown in prison with a felony. Let her do her new TV show wearing an orange jumpsuit..

  7. danclamage says:

    Probably won’t pass constitutional muster. Jail is for criminals, not lazy or broke homeowners.

  8. kategray says:

    big brother Has gone overboard, with elections get rid of the dirt bags. How do they know if the home owner might an old person and needs some assistance. Instead of looking for ways to pay your outrageous salaries, do something for the sake of commpassion.

    • Charlie says:

       See my answer above. That same work-program to keep after the foreclosures can be used to lend aid to seniors and the disabled.

      If a town actually did fine someone who was not able to take care of their home through age or infrimity and/or lack of available funds, that would be unconscionable, and that, in my mind, should call for a wholesale change in town officialdom, and if needed, state and/or local laws.

  9. Gary Alan Adkins says:

    These morons who put these ridiculous laws into effect should be publicly named. The world should know who they are! All I can say is, eat me! I’ll cut my grass when I feel like it!   

  10. jmsmaxwell says:

    And they wonder why the Homes are empty, Banks are borded up according to the article.    Perhaps it is
    because they have become so greedy and corrupt that the residents have found better places to spend
    their money and live with less “Big Brother” corruption in the government.  Apparently the do not use
    something that most government are missing it is typicla of politicans,  they have no common sense nor
    do they take time ot find out the root of the problem such as elderly peope on a fixed income or disabled
    and unable to attend to yards as they did when in better health.  Either way the article along would make
    this town very unappealing to any investors or potential homeowners that might have considered moving
    there.   Also sounds like more of a polices state rather than a friendly place to live.  

  11. RobertNorwood says:

    There’s a reason these houses are in this condition – good luck trying to collect a fine! The truth is it’s a scam to seize the homes because they know the owners cannot afford the up-keep, let alone the fines.

    • copakeman says:

      this town will confiscate all the homes of the owners who cant or wouldnt pay the fines. demolish all of them, build a park where, very quickly, drug dealers will sell their goods. this happens, and is happening,  all over our country.

  12. DockyWocky says:

    Give an elected or unelected bureaucrat any power and they will always be counted on to exercise that power.

    Of course, when bureaucratic over-reach goes so far, folks have to have the God-given power to pick off over-reaching burearats.

  13. s58031ts says:

    Probably the White House lawn.  Have to get the junk cars and tents off the White House lawn now.

  14. Viet Vet says:

    Are city politicians pushing a method where they may force sale of properties of interest to themselves?  Public officials have been known to scoop up property owing back taxes or fines at city/county auctions.  Is there a criminal intent for personal gain buried in this local policy?

  15. Lowell says:

    Everything I read about NY makes me want to move there, NOT!