Reuters Notices OWS Dying...While Tea Party Thriving

We begin tonight with what has become by any measure a pretty massive protest movement. While it goes by the official name ‘Occupy Wall Street,’ it has spread steadily and far beyond Wall Street, and it could well turn out to be the protest of this current era. —Brian Williams on Oct. 5, 2011 gushing with extreme hype over OWS.

Despite all the friendly hype given to the Occupy Wall Street protests by much of the mainstream media, OWS is now in its death throes according to this Reuters report by Chris Francescani. He also notes that as OWS is about to be taken off life support, the much maligned Tea Party movement is doing quite well by contrast:

More than eight months after Occupy Wall Street burst onto the global stage, decrying income inequality and coining the phrase “We are the 99 percent,” the movement’s survival and continued relevance is far from assured.

Donations to the flagship New York chapter have slowed to a trickle. Polls show that public support is rapidly waning. Media attention has dropped precipitously.

And as OWS begins to fade into Coffee Party obscurity, the Tea Party continues to remain a political force despite having been written off in the past by much of the MSM:

“Most of the social scientists who are at all like me – unsentimental leftists – … think this movement [OWS] is over,” said Harvard University professor Theda Skocpol, a liberal academic who wrote a book on the Tea Party.

“Eight months in, the Tea Party were beginning to impact primary elections, and by the second year were having a tremendous impact,” Skocpol said. “They were, if not electing, then at least changing the kind of candidates that were being elected.

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44 comments on “Reuters Notices OWS Dying...While Tea Party Thriving
  1. outta' here says:

    not sure that this should be a surprise.  It is fairly easy to articulate what the tea party stands for…God, country, constitution, rule of law, reducing government intrusion…what does OWS stand for anyhow?  Never saw them stand for anything other than behave like a mob of miscreants

    • Shannon853 says:

      lets face one fact and that is rule of law is really RULED BY LAW! congress or states make laws without teh people asking for or wanting some laws and they are jammed down our throats just like obama care was. so when a new law is enacted just ask your self, who asked for it other then the idiots in government that found another way to take a right away from the people that elected them.

    • Dogmeat1949 says:

      OWS stands for FREEBIES! 
      GIVE ME, GIVE ME! When the freebies ran out,they ran out. Only I think come September they will be back in time to make a big noise for the coming election. 

  2. EHeasler, USN-Ret. says:

    Gee, maybe its because the OWS crowd wasn’t really a grass roots movement after all. It was a Soros financed, professionally organized operation where the organizers were paid but the majority of the butt sitters, garbage strewers, defecators, rapists, and other perverts that hung out wiith them were unpaid. I think most of them went back to the comfort of Mommy and Daddy’s basements. They claimed to be the 99%, but ((% of them couldn’t even articulate what or whom they were against. Good riddance to them!!

  3. sean murry. says:

    People got tired of the hoodlum actions and the filth they produced.

  4. Doc says:

    Marxist, socialist, communist garbage will always fail in this country as long as we are free to fight against it.

    • notoshariah says:

      BHO is also an ISLAMIST true to his actions.  He has admitted this numerous times.  No It is not a religion –  it is not peaceful- it is a political stance that needs reformation .   

  5. Dogmeat1949 says:

    WE the PEOPLE are The Tea Party and WE ARE HERE TO STAY! WE will use OUR VOTES to weed out those who think WE can be lied to without recourse! OUR GOVERNMENT was and is OF the PEOPLE,By The PEOPLE and FOR The PEOPLE! AND when OUR GOVERNMENT FORGETS that and it has Then it is Time to remove that put of OUR GOVERNMENT that refuses to listen to the will of WE the PEOPLE! THE DEMS and The GOP have forgotten They serve WE the PEOPLE,they do not RULE WE the PEOPLE! VOTE to remove the COMMIE and HIS WILLING THUGS from office in NOVEMBER! A.B.O!

  6. Play Watcher says:

    OWS was an organization funded & run by Soros & the DNC with the MSM complicit in giving it free & favorable publicity.  The Tea Party was ignored or dismissed by both political parties & the MSM, but it survived & grew via grass roots funding & organization.  The RNC tried to co-opt it, but was only partly successful and big government RINOs got taken down by the Tea Party wrath against big government as well as Democrats.  Personally, I think any Tea Party support for big government-loving (“Statist”) Romney is very misguided, but understandable in light of the alternative:  Obama.  If elected, Romney will stab the Tea Party in the back.  I hope the Tea Party will stick to its small government, Constitution-loving, free market roots.  Don’t get suckered into the Establishment GOP under Power Elite Oligarchy control pushing for more of the welfare/warfare/Police State & towards a One World Order & One World Currency.

    • Richard Gibbard says:

      With all that money Soros and his buddies were giving them, the OWS mob could have at least bought some portable restroom facilities.

    • Dogmeat1949 says:

       If elected, Romney will stab the Tea Party in the back) I think we all understand that is a given. WE the PEOPLE need to stay on top of him and can do it if we fill the HOUSE and SENATE with like thinking AMERICANS! However it turns out in November WE the PEOPLE need to put people in office on all levels of Government,starting in your hometown to WASHINGTON D.C!  Don’t give up,it’s what they want! Keep talking to others. I see more and more people joining with The TEA PARTY groups daily.WE the PEOPLE are winning.  A.B.O!

    • eddyjames says:

       There already a One World Currency ! It’s been around since what seems forever……..It’s called “GOLD & SILVER” when the United States starts using it again we won’t have the inflation problem associated with Fiat Paper Currency that has been forced upon us by the Federal Reserve Crooks.

    • mountaindale says:

      I agree with most of what you say but it’s time to lighten up on Romney.  It’s obvious you would have preferred someone else as would I as a strong Tea Party member.  But Romney is what we have and we must support him to oust Obama.  Then we can pressure President Romney to be more conservative.

      • Thedreamweaver says:

        That’s what I keep saying, mountaindale.  If we give Romney a “tea party” congress, we’ll make the progress we need to make to right our ship.  Actually, Romney will become Conservative by osmosis…………He may even go down as “Reaganesque”……………….

        • mountaindale says:

          Well spoken, Dreamweaver.  ‘Reaganesque’ may be asking a bit much, but he could well be the best we’ve had in a while.  Let’s just hope that Wisconsin in June was a preview for November in the Nation. 

    • Thedreamweaver says:

      Once the Tea Party Occupies Congress {TPOC}, they’ll get the message.  By 2012, we’ll be almost there and by 2014, we WILL be there.  Those good ol’ boys had better play ball and soon.  Their days are numbered…………………

  7. Saw some ‘occupiers’  in Savannah a few weeks back, on a sunny, pleasant weekend. Massive crowd of ‘em. Might have been as many as six, maybe seven unshaven morons and their sack-mates sitting around with their little signs and trash on the ground. If not for the signs, I would have guessed it was a typical group of students from some state college out for the weekend.
    The power OF the people is evident by our TEA movement, we’re damntired of the business as usual politics, from home town to DC and all between. We’re fed up with RINOs, turncoats and liberals screwing over this country for the socialist agenda, and will continue to show this at every voting opportunity that comes by. Unless this regime pulls something to cancel the elections, despite how the leftist bought and paid for media spins it, this may well be the the worst defeat margin of a prez in the history of the USA.
    Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. Click the name.

    • Mark Biolchino says:

       You are spot on my friend.  It does feel like a wind change, for the first time in three and a half years I feel the current of change running through our country. I must admit I like seeing Obama twist in the wind, I just hope he continues to talk like the fool he is for the next five months so we can sweep him, his wife and the dems and RINOs out of DC.   Mark,  Peace

  8. Dingbat36 says:

    All that needs to be known about the OWS crowd vs TEA Party people can be shown by the stark contrast of their venues when their events are over and their adherents leave said venues.  NO ONE and I do mean no one needs to clean up after a TEA Party event. By contrast, an OWS occupied area is covered in filth when they leave and our taxes have to be wasted to clean up after the filth that is OWS!

    • Richard Gibbard says:

      Good point.  The OWS campgrounds should be classified as EPA Superfund sites.

    • TM says:

      Well the new occupants of the white house will have to have the CDC come in and clean the stank up the obama’s leave everywhere thier filthy arse has been. Espicial after moochell as she’s one nasty arse monkey.

    • Airangel says:

      That’s because the OWS have no repect for anything or anyone but themselves whereas the Tea Party conservatives are the proud patriots that take pride in their country, their family values and their community. They are the strong immigrants who founded this country, worked hard to produce a safe land where laws and freedom went hand in hand for the well being of all citizens. Now we are becoming an illiterate cesspool like the very countries many fled from to have freedom and a safe haven in which to raise their famililes – now the streets, neighborhoods, cities are turning into ghetto land with gangs, illegals, violence, rival territories…nice places are now filth because of what is being allowed to happen by not enforcing legal citizenship, English as a required language so all can communicate, soverign borders to protect our citizens from drugs, gangs, prostitution, assault, murder and diseases we irradicated a long time ago like whooping cough, leprocy, chagas, tuberculosis, etc. Our hospitals and schools are overun and some have had to shut down…the abuse is just sickening. What happened to the rights of American citizens? Why should American babies die of whooping cough because our Federal government refuses to do it’s job to protect American citizens!

  9. TM says:

    Wish obama’s was dying too as I cannot stand that American destroyer that he is and the democraps loves them some obama.

  10. jerry1944 says:

    With it looking like we lost the pres  We will have to work hard to   take the congress and the senate . But for pres  it looks like 3rd party time again.  With romney and obambo both being such liers.  Just hope there is a conservative 3rd party canidate.  If not then we will just have to leave it all in Gods hands.  but then it is already no matter what we do

    • Lisa says:

      Jerry1944 wrote: “With it looking like we lost the pres We will have to work hard to take the congress and the senate . But for pres it looks like 3rd party time again.”

      What, are you crazy???  This is the time that we NEED to all put our votes into ONE BASKET, and NOT divide the anti-Obama wave that has hit this country.  IF…we can do this, then we can be as sure as possible that the fraud now sitting in the Oval Office…will be thrown out on his derrierre!!

      Once we get that fraud out of there, he will NOT have his czarist henchmen to protect his little okole (gluteas maximus), and we MIGHT be better able to bring him before a Judge and Jury for his crimes against America. My fondest dream is that he will reside in Leavenworth…for life.

      None of us has the luxury of having the perfect candidate, this is our reality, but I will take a man with an exceptional business background, a devoted family man, a man with principles who is proven to be able to find solutions to seriously over-whelming problems, and who loves this country.

      THAT…is NOT a description of Obama, and never will be.

      Compared to Obama…..Romney will be a very serious breath of fresh air!!

      Don’t sit home on election day, because if you abstain then your vote will be counted as for Obama.

      If the anti-Obama wave is split, by way of a 3rd party candidate or a write-in, then Soros’ planned fraud to keep him in the Oval Office has a better chance of prevailing…because they can better hide tthat it was fraud that re-elected this moron!!

      • Thedreamweaver says:

        Jerry doesn’t understand rationale, Lisa.  He’s been spewing his idea for weeks now and getting absolute disagreement.  I think he’s a plant……………..

    • Thedreamweaver says:

      Jerry, for the thousandth time, your 3rd party idea sucks………………….and nobody agrees…….

  11. Lady Patriot says:

    We need to have a plan of action.  Even if we get the House & Senate we need more.  Maybe the Tea Party should buy more ads on local stations.  Maybe we should try to buy them like Soros did.  We need to get those who don’t understand to understand.  We cannot always get our friends and family to understand.  They need to see it on the crap, uhh TV they watch.  
    Maybe the Koch Bros and others can take a page out of the Soros/Alinsky book.  People who get free stuff have to learn that free stuff destroys their self esteem and thus, their life.  There is soooo much we have to figure out how to do.  We need a long range plan to STAY in office long enough to turn this wonderful country back into what it used to be.  We need a plan of action.  The #1 thing is to immediately disavow the UN and give them absolutely NO money.  They are helping the others destroy us.  It should be the easiest thing to do also.

  12. texasfedupgramma says:

    OWS is is like the Democrat Party, leave them to their own means and they’ll self-destruct!  The Tea Party is the silent majority of tax-paying, law-abiding citizens who will rise up and save this great country.

    • DrBarbara says:

      I agree. And when anyone makes a deal with the devil they can expect to pay up. He never lets a debt go unpaid but will exact his due at some point. Watch the rest of the group who have made deals with Satan begin to fall. The pitiable part of this is than most of them aren’t even aware that they sold out to him.

  13. Mark Biolchino says:

    OWS is a perverted interpretation of the idea of rights that Americans enjoy. Yes, lets all follow a fool who defecates on a police car and calls it a right of expression. These spoiled brats of the me generation continue to show their utter contempt for our freedoms. Then the democratic “leadership” of congress “the Right Honorable Nancy Pelosi thinks that animals that crap on police cars are upright citizens. She is an idiot who’s father should have withdrawn 9 months before she was born. One saving grace is that all the nonsense spewed by those of Pelosi’s kind with make great and awesome reading for future generations who will sit in wonderment at how close we came to the utter destruction of what we here hold so dear: Freedom and true liberty.
    The words Liberty and Freedom are used indiscriminately by many. The difference is that true liberty is without restraint and is really license while Freedom is the right to belong to a group and adhere to the morals and rules of the group. The OWS  has got the license ideas down quiet well but what they are truly ignorant of is what Freedom really is. Must be all that education that their daddys paid for. (Dad should demand a refund.) The idea that we have fought for liberty (the right to decide for ourselves the way we should live along with the knowledge that we live in a culture and community that demands from its members sacrifice some of their independence for the survival of the whole and that this will pass on these cherished rights to generations yet born. If not, everyone will need to find a police car in order to relieve themselves on.  Mark, Peace   

  14. Joseph Bendzinski says:

    OWS – who are they I cant even remember them?

  15. Sam says:

    Over time the Tea Party showed itself to be civil and respectable.  The Occupy movement started with the protests against banking and big corporations, but was quickly taken over by anarchists and socialists who wanted income distribution.  It was a combination of destruction and give me something for doing nothing.  The first group should be put in jail and the second group should get out and look for a job like I am.