Economic Destruction: Democrats Push $10 Minimum Wage

The House Democrats pushing for a steep hike in the minimum wage could face an unlikely foe: their own leadership.

Behind Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (Ill.), almost two dozen liberal Democrats endorsed legislation this week to raise the federal minimum wage immediately from $7.25 to $10 per hour, the first such increase in three years.

The lawmakers think they’ve found a winning issue in an election cycle that’s featured the rise of the Occupy movement, criticism of Mitt Romney’s path to wealth and a class-centered fight over the Bush-era tax rates.

But no Democratic leaders have endorsed the measure, and the silence coming from their offices this week has highlighted the potential political difficulty in raising the minimum wage — a move that’s anathema to the powerful business lobby — amid sluggish economic times.

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61 comments on “Economic Destruction: Democrats Push $10 Minimum Wage
  1. jong says:

    Of course what the minimum wage actually does is cut jobs.   The business would get more profit.  This is how it works.   You up the minimum wage many places at that point cut say 30% of employees and up the cost of their product.    Then of course comes the bad news for the rest of us in that every body jacks up the price of the products and our salary has not gone up so we are dragged down.  The best thing to do is let business (to a certain point) determine the wage structure.   If you do a good job and are making money for a employer he will want to keep you.    If you do a lousy job he will either pay you little or fire you because you have become a drag on his making money.

  2. sean murry. says:

    Not in this eoconomy.

  3. Marylou says:

    I as a true patriot and supporter of capitalism would much rather give big oil companies subsidies, ensure that the most profitable corporations who send jobs over seas pay negative or no corporate tax, let the hedge funda and private equity heads pay half the going income tax rate than give those low life miniimum wage people extra money. We all know a great number of these low life’s are minorities or women or even illegals. If they needed more money they could gett a better job. You can feed a family of four on good old rice and beans on This wage and live in a small apt and use public transportation. Good thing is a large % of these scum dont have photo ids so they will not be able to vote. So why worry about them. It’s just the bleeding heart, commie, fascist Dems who want this. Write your Congressman and warn him not to support more money for the low life who don’t go out and get a real job. This is America. Don’t believe that commie economic stuff that this will put money in the ha SS of people who will spend a d buy thus helping the economy. The gov in FL proved that those welfare u employed just smoked more dope any way (well 2%) did. That al out all. So stop this Socialist stuff in its tracks.

    • Rushvillerocket says:

      I’m not necessarily in favor of raising the minimum wage, but as a woman, I take offense at your phrase, “a great number of these lowlifes are minorities or women or illegals.  I have a full-time job and also work a minimum wage job to make ends meet.  Not everyone who works a minimum wage job is a lowlife!!!!!

      • OomYaaqub says:

        I’d far rather see somebody work minimum wage than not work at all. (Married homemakers and the retired excepted.) As I explained to my young adult son, a minimum wage job is just where you start. You can be promoted if you work hard. The job will also keep you afloat while you attend school to qualify for something better. There is no shame in this whatsoever.

    • OomYaaqub says:

      Why wouldn’t they have photo ID’s? I’m pretty sure you need one just to cash your welfare check or indeed do almost anything else. You don’t have to be able to drive. You just go down to the Dept.of Motor Vehicles with your birth certificate and they will give you a state ID with your photo on it.

    • Southern patriot says:

      I’m also a patriot and supporter of capitalism. But your statement is little harsh. To say that a great number of these people are low lifes, to include minorities and women is just, wrong. Our arguement against raising the minimum wage would come across better without demeaning statements.

    • Just saying says:

      You are all for raising the minimum wage, aren’t you? I am surprised that no one here has understood that you are a liberal, and your post is criticizing capitalism. Unfortunately, the path you want is the path to detroy this country. Government doesn’t have the right to tell businesses what they should do, including what they should pay. That is not capitalism, that is socialism. You are free to start your own business, work hard to get it off the ground, take little or no pay, with long hours and no vacations, and then pay your employees $10/hour or more, if you can. The reason people are automatically in favor of government mandates in this country is because very few of them know what is involved in starting and conducting a business. They imagine that a business exists as a charity, not for profit, a business is there so that it pays wages. If the democrats have their way, the unemployment will rise faster, and more businesses will fold. If they can barely afford to pay the minimum wage now, how are they going to be able to pay more, and offer Obamacare also? Democrats havr no idea of economics, all they know is propaganda and how to keep their jobs.

    • rick0857 says:

      “We all know a great number of these low life’s are minorities or women or even illegals”    “You can feed a family of four on good old rice and beans on This wage and live in a small apt and use public transportation. Good thing is a large % of these scum dont have photo ids so they will not be able to vote. So why worry about them” Those are your words.
      Your words are some of the most extreme I’ve heard in a long time, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say you’re not a conservative by any means or measure. The very spiteful, hateful tone you take tells me that, you, I believe, are a liberal troll, here to try and drag good conservativews into your simple mindedness.
      I personally know alot of people who are working minimum wage jobs right now and none of them are scumbags or illegals. No they are just hard working Americans trying hard to survive in an economy failing worse and worse everyday under the excellent stewadrdship of oba MAO.
      You should be ashamed of yourself your your spiteful commentary.

  4. gwedem5995 says:

    This is plain stupid.  I remember when I was in high school and wanted a job desperately, I would have worked for almost nothing, just so I would have some money in my pocket.  When these fast food restaurants hire people, they could hire 2 two people at $5 and only one at $l0.  Will they be hiring more or less.  You do the math. 

    • Libertarian58 says:

      Not saying you’re wrong, but how much has the price of a “fast food” meal gone up in recent times compared to the pay scale, and where is all that money going? Used to be a fast food meal was a couple bucks but now it’s the best part of $10. Has you’re pay gone up that much?

      • rick0857 says:

        Wages haven’t gone up because according to oba MAO there is no inflation. Did you get that, no inflation. Even though the government has been running the Ben Franklin press at full capacity 24/7 since oba MAO took office. Your money is losing it’s value under this current nimrod in the WH and he and all of his idiot communist supporters don’t know how or simply won’t fix the situation. Which is a three step process,
        Then of course you have to do what the government hasn’t done since 1983 and that is GET THE HELL OUT OF WAY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND WE’LL FIX THIS.

  5. OLDDAD says:

    Once again we have the obvious problem.  The Dumocraps want to really accelerate the bankruptcy before they loose all hope in November.  If they are stupid enough to actually pass this legislaton they would end the financial woes of this country immediately.

  6. Ted says:

    I’d hate to have to come up with 10 buck/hour just to practically force someone to show up on time, work 8, then leave. I don’t have the money for that. 
    I would rather hire some one to hire on under an “independent contractor” agreement at less than the $10/hr mark. I had to work up to $10.00 per hour on jobs I had in the past, it should be no different today.
    For someone who has never really had to work, I can understand how they can be so free-and-easy other people’s money. Someone under the independent contractor status would (to me) do a better job.

    • Southern patriot says:

      Unfortunately, If these people work inside of your business, under your supervision, providing goods and services to the general public, “They” are “Your” employees. You will probably harassed by the IRS if you try the “independant contractor” bit.

    • OomYaaqub says:

      If they are an independent contractor, can’t you afford to pay them more? After all, you don’t have to provide benefits or unemployment when they finish the job.

  7. Merlinwinslow says:

    An increase in the minimum wage unfortunately does not actually increase anyones buying power.  It only serves to create inflation and in some instances reduces buying power because of an increase in income tax deductions form the pay check.

  8. Rocket Scientist says:

    The only reason the demwits want to raise the minimum wage is to collect more taxes off the poor.  Why else would you give employers even more reason not to hire more people?  Stupid is as stupid does.

    • Rocket Scientist says:

       OH!  WAIT!  I forgot, the poorest 48% are not paying any taxes to begin with…my bad!

      • colleenf says:

        You’re right!
        And besides, their base doesn’t work anyway!

      • OomYaaqub says:

        If you are single and have no dependents, you will certainly be paying taxes on a wage of $10 an hour, that is in the unlikely even that you can find a job in the first place.

  9. Diane says:

    The President has never had a real job,and has 0 business skills. If you don’t pay to run the business you won’t have any jobs to even pay $7.40  an hour. Who wins? And I make min wage  

  10. colleenf says:

    Do any of their base actually work???????????

  11. EIvisPresIey says:

    That is a good idea, the democrats & Jesse Jackson are so good at giving away other peoples money and raising the cost of everything to pay the extra wages, why don’t the democrats in congress cut their over paid salaries and pay the extra $2.75 out of their wages, that way Americans can get something valuable from the democrats, and the cost of goods don’t have to go up, or just tax their main man billionaire Soros and let him pay it..

  12. kategray says:

    BIG GOVERNEMENT did you put the money up to start this business, did you work 60 to 80 hours a week and then go home to do the paper work. You have no right to tell me what pay my employees. If they are worth it they will gert a raise, if not go get a job elsewhere. WHAT HAPPENED TO FREE ENTERPRISE–oh it went by they wayside because you do not know how to spend the tax dollars that we are forced to give you so you can spend more than you have. BIG GOVERNMENT you have failed at everything that you touch and expect the Tax-payers  to put bad money after bad.  You will no longer have a job con November YOU ARE FIRED.

  13. Southern patriot says:

    Raising the minimum wage hurts everyone, even the recipient. It amounts to a across the board increase of prices, of all goods and services. As if our economy is not bad enough.

  14. EIvisPresIey says:

    Now that I think about it this is probably B0′s idea to force more jobs and business to China and India, who wants to pay more money for products to cover the $10.00 for wages, and with inflation not only will more jobs go to China, but you will be able to buy less from China, because your money will be worth less.

    How more irresponsible can you get, than to be a democrat?

  15. FrankCastle says:

    If the Name “JACKSON” is attached to it, it HAS to be a STUPID, and BAD idea!! The Rotten apple doesn’t fall far from the ROTTEN TREE…..