Anti-American George Soros trying to Control US Media

Books, newspapers, radio stations, TV stations, websites and cutting edge videos. The pieces of the George Soros media empire are as diverse as the nations of the world and just as widespread. From nakedly partisan left-wing media like Think Progress, the blog for the Center for American Progress, and a TV show on MSNBC, to the supposedly impartial National Public Radio, Soros has impact on the flow of information worldwide.

It gives him incredible influence. Every month, reporters, writers and bloggers at the many outlets he funds easily reach more than 330 million people around the globe. The U.S. Census estimates the population of the entire United States to be just less than 310 million.

That’s roughly the entire population of the United States with the population of Australia thrown in for good measure – every single month.

This information is part of an upcoming report by the Media Research Center’s Business & Media Institute which has been looking into George Soros and his influence on the media.

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166 comments on “Anti-American George Soros trying to Control US Media
  1. Adrian Vance says:

    This man is evil incarnate. He got his start outing fellow Jews to a lieutenant of Adolph Eichman. He should have been hanged with Eichman. He got rich on capitalism and now he wants to destroy it?

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    • rob mull says:

      Soros is currently "on the lamb," from being prosecuted in France for a felony, insider trading; the same offense Martha Stewart served time in America for. How is Soros evading the long arm of justice???

      • Richard Cancemi says:


      • Mike Tanco says:

        The United States needs to file charges on Soros for being a traitor. He supports Obama so what does that say for our so-called President? They are both crooks and trying to destroy Capitalism. Soros got rich because of it, now he wants it destroyed. He is very dangerous to the U.S.. Mike Tanco

        • Richard Cancemi says:

          Thank God for Rupert Murdoch who is the opposite of this devil who goes by the name of Soros.

        • Detroiter boy says:

          Richard, I find it interesting that you should mention Rupert Murdoch as the antithesis of George Soros. I, too, see that same relation. Murdoch, who is not a US citizen owns many media outlets in his home nation of Australia as well as some in Canada and many other nations in the world. We are all aware of his ownership of Fox news and the Wall Street Journal. All of these allow him to have a great deal of influence in the world.

          We also know that Soros and Murdoch are very controversial people the liberals love Soros and hate Murdoch while the conservatives love Murdoch and hate Soros. If we listen to their haters, we could be convinced that they are both very succesful at acheiving their goals.

        • ElizabethMC says:

          Detroiter boy

          Unlike Murdoch, soros uses his influence and money to punish, boycott, and silence dissenting views. He is using his many minions to boycott en masse any sponsors of FOX news. Murdoch would not ever play dirty like that. Murdoch does not seek to silence others – but to counter with a voice that people can listen to if they so choose.

          soros is a whore – truly a vile human being!!!

        • Nancy Bakos says:

          Our so-called president is right. The birth certificate that was released is a complete fraud. Where's The Birth Certificate? a new book released by Jerome Corsi Also. some of the same information and documents can be seen at World Net Dailly wnd///com

        • mik podibneker says:

          iv'e seen multiple different Obummer birth certificates on line!!! I only have ONE!

      • Cindy says:

        I hope they get him big time!!!

      • pitts says:

        Soros gets away with evading the law because he has Obama covering his backside. Soros will never be prosecuted under the law because Obama would never allow it to happen. The same way as Obama is doing things against the law and not getting prosecuted for it.

      • Will says:

        $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ That should answer your question

    • Rob says:

      Why haven't the Navy Seals Team 6 been sent to Brazil to bring this guy in for the same treatment Osama received?

      • twinspineve says:

        i believe soros resides in the united states. upstate new york and guess what …california. rich guys live in more than one place.

    • samtman says:

      I think Soros is a great American, he fights for the middel class,supports cutting the Bush tax cut to the rich, supports freedom of speech and the separation of church and state as stated in US Constitution, has given over 790 million dollars to charity and continues to fund AID's research in a big way. Show me one right wing cheap ass Billionaire who helps the poor with his own money. It's not the Koch oil barrons who only support hateful anti American propaganda against the American Government.


      • Cherieo says:

        You need to get your head out of the sand!!

      • allen goldberg says:

        He is not an American

        he is the scum of the earth

        and should be arraigned for so many crimes

        it's stunning

        You are as uninformed and dumb as a bag of hammers!



      • David says:

        What part of the Twilight Zone do you live in man? I'll bet the only news you're aware of is what's on TV, and the only time you've ever voted was for the present regime. The media doesn't report on the good things that these "fat cats" do they just light in on their mistakes. Sometimes they make something up.

      • frank1737 says:


        I'm a Vietnam Vet, and to read this sick comment makes me believe that you don't have the Balls to join the ranks of the Proud and Brave!! If you did with your sick mentality you would more than likely wouldn't make it past the D.I.'s with out having your inept, stupid head caved in!! I just wish you would walk up to a Good Vet. and make a stupid statement like this because the next time you woke up it more than likely be in a hospital!! LEARN TO HONOR YOUR COUNTRY OR GET THE HELL OUT!!!

        • samtman says:

          Spend 6 years in the US Army, trainging troops in psy war, left as an E-6

        • Wayne says:

          Didn't you mean Psychiatric hospital ?

        • Larry says:

          How did that trainging of the troops go you nincompoop? If you can't even spell or reason I doubt that they'd have you doing anything but mopping floors in the psych hospital you were in.

        • Roger says:

          An E-6 in six years? who's ass were you kissing? It may be possible but you would have to be an excellent soldier but your comments tell me otherwise.

        • mik podibneker says:

          samtman; you are still an idiot! if you say that you onle spent 6 yrs. in military—(1) you are a liar; (6 yrs. from slick-sleeve pvt, to E-6, unheard of. (2) whatever you were paid, you cheated the tax-payers of the U.S.

      • Larry says:

        YOU are a total terminal moron who still doesn't know how to spell! Soros' idea of charity is founding anti-American, pro-far left organizations. If the Koch brothers being conservative and opposing your boy Ozero is anti-American I suggest that you should move to Cuba or Venezuela where everyone agrees with you.

        Soros is a festering lump of dog doo who does his best to shut down, silence, and destroy anyone who disagrees with his far left, one world government, "open" society where only those who agree with him will be allowed to speak. Truly a great American.

        Get out of your undies in your mommies basement in front of a computer and go get a job.

      • Alice Hallock says:

        soros thinks he is God and he says that's fine because he is comfortable being God now and he wants a one world government, with himself at the head. One world currency, police force to keep us in line, one world education, language, religion. no separate countries . one world everything. you do what he says or else.

        where is a crazy sniper when you need one.

      • GOGGE says:

        well Samtman, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet’s name comes easely to mind when you don’t live in the wilderness of your adoration of this Hungarien financial shyster

    • Adrian Vance says:

      Looks like George Soros reads this blog.

      • AppraisHer says:

        Adrian, looks like George Soros (Gyorgy Schwartz) is ON this blog (Samtman). Maybe he means Sandman (ZZzzzzzz) and can't spell.

    • Jim says:

      I have read some of Soros' views and do not see any anti American in them. He may side with the Left but counters the view of Rush and Bill who are ultra right wingers. This IS America and He is entitled to his views the same as any American. Weather any one likes it or not…

      • frank1737 says:


        The same go's to you that I wrote to SATMAN–Wake Up OR GET THE HELL OUT OF THIS COUNTRY YOU STUPID SOB!!

      • Rob says:

        Jim, Thought you might want to do some research as to the homeland of George Soros. He is NOWAY an American. He is from France and is on the lamb hiding somewhere in Brazil, pulling and controling the strings on his sock pupper barry soeroto.

      • dave says:

        Forgive me I clicked on the approve by accident……jim is just another stupid brain-dead liberal-sad and pathetic.

      • mik podibneker says:

        Jim; you are a lib., progressive, socialist, piece of dung, just like him.

    • EddieW says:

      Sorros just had those two huge meetings in the United States, to determine how best to destroy this country!! Amazing! He gave Obozo, our Liar in Chief half million for his election, and Obozo paid him back 10 Billion, to drill for oil in Brazil, to which he owns all right to it!! Obozo is doing what Sorros wants, trying to bankrupt this country with 100 Billion per Month WARS!!! All part of the game!

    • Bert says:

      What better way to maintain wealth than to destroy the machinery from which you made it from to keep the masses under control he learned this from the Nazis.He is still trying to destroy the Jews and I'm sure he hated his Mother and Father. Freud would have set aside a whole chapter and a room for him.

  2. Bruce Porter Sr says:

    Yep, he's evil, but you gotta admit he is doing an outstanding job of destroying us.

    Why don't we have an American that can fight him tit for tat?

    • Constance says:

      Because that person would have to be worth billions and be like Soros – dishonest and stepping on everyone on the way up. We don't need another person like him. It's hard for people who are honest and compassionate to get to where he is.

      • carol Perkins says:







        • twinspineve says:

          glenn beck is doing a heck of a job working on helping people know who and what sorass is doing. soras spelled the same way going forward or backward.

        • mik podibneker says:

          carol; impossible; the media is as liberal and rotten as he is! and would never take a conservative stand, But that "mainstream" B.S. news is what libs. watch and become further indoctrinated. It's not my "mainstream" news

      • Bud Grounds says:

        We do have billionaires who are probably wealthier than George Soros. The problem is they are doing the same thing because it is their bottom line that counts, not you.

        Regardless of this influence on the media and I noticed they didn't include almost all of our networks, this is not the most important factor. The exclusion would be Fox cable channel where at least they present both sides.

        What is even more important is people recognize that George Soros is the guiding hand and Obama is just the puppet regarding legislation and monetary policy. Why do you think speculators aren't regulated, especially since it has been proven now that they are the one responsible for high energy prices, not OPEC or the oil companies. Who is one of the chief speculators in oil. None other than George Soros. Congress continues to ignore this and go after the oil companies because that is where the tax money is and Harry Reid in the Senate is pushing hard to get his way. In the end, it will be just another failure and loss of support for the Democrats in campaign contributions. They unwittingly are destroying their party through their stupidity.

      • Nancy Bakos says:

        Not neccesarily, we just need someone who isn't afraid of him to stand and file charges, I believe under the RICO act.

    • El Lobo Rojo says:


      Koch brothers, Steve Forbes, Rupert Murdock & FoxNews which explains the made up vitrol & invective against these guys from the "Soros Sychophants".


      • Nancy Bakos says:

        It’s NOT like the liberal biased lame stream media didn’t lie or twist the news many years ago. This is why they are after conservative news sources on the internet. Which they aim to try to control. Along with Obama’s new czar-if they say bad things about “poor me” I want to know. A good read is Ann Coulters books. You’ll be hoppin mad at the garbage the left wing hatred they have spewed.

    • Bert says:

      He is doing it with a lot of help, without the crazed idiots he would have left the US and onto the destruction of other countries,but you know he is a humanitarian his giving to those that need it reminds us of the music played for the Jews being led to the gas chambers.A different tune and time but same expected results just a bigger mass killing.

  3. Paula says:

    YOU got that absolutely 100% correct!!! More folks need to know just how dangerous this guy really is………he has enough money to influence the news, congress, any one & anything that is for sale, that includes Congressmen & women!! WATCH this guy, he is BAD NEWS!!!

    • Rob says:

      And I'm willing to be he has never paid a dimes worth of taxes on any of his wealth.

  4. nutz2u2 says:

    This old b…… probably hasn't got that much longer before he meets the real devil. We can wait him out, but what would really finish him is if his boy, Obama, is defeated in next year's election.

    • El Lobo Rojo says:

      True enough Nutz!

      But even if he meets his maker soon, I am sure his money will live on in the form of bogus foundations & projects designed to weaken & replace our Govt.

      I believe he has 2 sons that are "chips off the old block".

      • Rob says:

        Chips off the old block, good play on words. Why don't we get someone to chop down the family tree and run it through the chipper.

        • rob mull says:

          "WE" are working on it, Rob, but at the moment the Soros "investigators" are trying to have Roger Ailes [the President of FOX news] indicted for anything they can; as with any opposition to the tyranny that is rapidly trying to overtake our American "Constitutional" Republic. "To remain silent in the face of evil is evil itself" [Deitrich Bonhoeffer, (1906 - 1945, killed by Adolf Hitler in 1945].

          NEVER AGAIN!!! "WE" are again being dumbed-down by the secular mainstream media and our liberal progressive government; who are now financing terrorism [Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas] while keeping silent about the genocide taking place to Christians and Jews, worldwide; especially in the Mideast.

  5. bpf53 says:

    I would put this communist low-life scum on the same level as Osama, both are / were at threat to freedom loving people everywhere. Like Osama, Soros wants the world to follow his insanity but instead of a sick moon-god cult like islam his is the socialist new world order fantasy.

  6. Jack B. says:

    We need a listing of all of this mans news media holdings so we know who to boycott. There is nothing fair about news that is slanted for this tyrants' sake. All of his holdings and assets here in America should be frozen and he be investigated for un-American activities along with those who support him.

    • rob mull says:

      Glenn Beck showed a list of "The Spooky Dude's" [Soros'] list of "Foundations, Groups and Organizations," and the list was about 60 feet long; in medium print. I know Glenn still has that "list" and "WE" should study [it] and make appropriate adjustments to our thinking and purchasing powers.

  7. dave says:

    "trying to control the media"? is this some kind of joke? the media has already betrayed the American public through lies, distortion, social engineering, bias, fraud, and misinformation all administered to promote their agenda which is in line with the marxist poser in power..,barry. That's like saying the republicans will save us from the democrats…'s ALL the same BS! two sides of the same coin…

    • Floyd Hardee says:

      Sad to say I believe you are right… both sides appear to be much alike. They pay people to breed and expect us to foot the bill. Both sides are swollen with stupid leaders such as Paul Ryan whose medicare proposals are asinine! They act as if they want to destroy social security, medicare, etc. while making us pay for lazy do nothing shiftless breeders. They want more idiots that they can control I suppose?

    • rob mull says:

      Correct on a number of points, Dave, but "Barry" threw America

      into a tub of ice-water, and many of the past atrocities of liberal progressive media is now being overridden by a conservative voice. There are many "Fathers of Progressive Thinking," but Walter Lippmann, another Harvard "Neoliberal," has swayed journalism and "Propaganda," [one of Lippmann's books] has become the progressive "norm;" even George Bernard Shaw and Adolf Hitler were ardent followers of our now fully "American" journalistic ideology. "NEVER AGAIN!!!" Christians and Jews are being slaughtered all over the world today, and like the NYT blanketed the German atrocities to American readers, [they] and our current administration are blanketing and supporting the Islamofascist savagery with billions of dollars and pages of silence; and "moderate" adulation of the Muslim Brotherhood; an off-shoot of Hamas. NEVER AGAIN!!!

    • Bud Grounds says:

      Not exactly Dave. Remember, in the last election, there were several elected who call themselves Republicans but are actually Tea Party people. They chose to run Republican because they likely would not have won as a Libertarian or Independent. There will be a second wave in the 2012 elections and the sacred cows that have lost their way in the capitol will get their walking papers, both Democrat and Republicans. The new bloods will be Republican in name only.

      I believe that in the near future, that third party will become the choice of the people. The Democrats have slid far left to Socialism, the Republicans have moved away from their theory of small government but what most Americans want in this country is to stop wholesale handouts, polictically correct nonsense, sanity in our courts and interference in states rights, etc. The real conservatives come from all parties and with the two party system, they feel trapped or obligated for their party since the other options are just as bad.

      So, for now, unless you believe Socialism is what is best for our country, vote Republican as a vote for an Independent candidate will divide the results and likely keep this administration in power.

      • David says:

        Hi Bud Grounds,

        I should have replied right here the first time instead of down at the bottom. [i'm learning here]

        Thank you Sir for responding to Dave (above) so brilliantly. Wish I could articulate like you. :)

  8. ElizabethMC says:

    He is a self-serving megalomaniac who wants to destroy all that America stands for – after he rapes it,that is.

    God forgive me, but if he died tomorrow, it wouldn't be too soon.

  9. Floyd Hardee says:

    I wish George would grow a brain and then get saved! If he did then he would stop trying to turn everyone into a bleeding heart half baked Liberal.

    • Rob says:

      A good pipe dream, but all in all, if that happened just think how nice the world would be when he donated all of his billions to do good not evil. GOD HELP US ! ! !

  10. DG11 says:

    Soros and Obama and their Minions are the Personification of Evil and Destruction!

  11. joe says:

    There must be a way we can deport and/or arrest this criminal. Maybe he was a nazi camp guard or a nazi collaborator.

  12. James lawhun sr says:

    He wishes to distroy our currency ,along with all his followers in many parts of our government. Then rebuild our system into something he thinks is best. I think free enterprise and free thinkers ,who have a free ( non union) work ethic is still our best system. Free business builders who are the back bone of America, Not those chosen to run a goverment giving business or gov job on a hand out basis. Wake up America, You are about to be had, More than that , Your children are really the ones who will be distroyed in a short time along with our Country. Gov hand outs , along with spending to get your vote will do us all in. Thanks

    • Nancy Bakos says:

      As part of the NEW WORLD ORDER elitests this is what they aim to do. They want a one world currency. Best we can do is hope Obama is not re-elected(George Soros's puppet). We need to pull out of the UNITED NATIONS, and quit sending to foreign aid to over a 140 plus countries. Bring our troops home, let them deal with whatever issues they have even if they turn themselves into a "self-cleanning oven!" We only send aid to our true allies. Secure our borders and build up our defense systems and have missles ready-to-go at a momments notice.



  14. Satan is the 'son of predition'-Dead Spirit talking, and G.S. is following in His footsteps. The wealth of the wicked is stored for the rightous. We will not need it in heaven, but on earth. Pray for the transfer.

    • David says:

      Well Amen Michael. Simply put, I'll pray for the transfer with you. Let's all be careful not to be hateful, but to ask our Father for His Will. "Thy Will be done" in Jesus Name, Amen.

      I confess, I have to correct myself sometimes when I get those bad feelings about you-know-who Obama too.

      Enough said. God Bless you

  15. JUANTOMAS says: