Sheriff Joe Posse in Hawaii: 'Shocking' News Coming

A letter from Hawaii’s Department of Health verifying Barack Obama’s birth in Honolulu has not only not stopped Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse work on the island, his lead investigator reports it has actually “opened the door” to some “shocking revelations” the posse is promising to disclose.

Among the details leaked early by Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo: There are allegedlyseveral stamps bearing Registrar Alvin Onaka’s name “floating around” inside the Hawaii Department of Health.

Zullo was interviewed via telephone from Hawaii by Tea Party Power Hour host Mark Gillar to discuss, among other things, a letter stamped with Onaka’s name and sent to Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett as verification of Obama’s Hawaiian birth.

But Zullo – who met with Hawaii Department of Health officials in Honolulu the day before the letter to Bennett was issued – said the verification did deter the investigation briefly, but “actually, what looked like it was going to be almost like a deal killer, in a sense opened the door up to a greater avenue of investigational material.

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57 comments on “Sheriff Joe Posse in Hawaii: 'Shocking' News Coming
  1. Dorisimonis says:

    Isn’t there at least one person, that was born in Hawaii, about the same time as obama claims to be that can give us a copy of their birth certificate for comparison?  My granddaughter was born there but it was 1984.  We need someone that was also born in Aug. 1961 (?)  Surely there is at least one person there that is willing to help sheriff Joe.  Find them.

  2. Kristmas says:

    Jesus, bless Sheriff Joe and staff. Protect them and help them to find the full haul of truth. Expose those who planned and commited the forgeries, and lies . Help the truth come out fully

  3. Play Watcher says:

    Eventually the truth about Obama’s qualifications (or lack thereof) to be POTUS will come out.  He’s trying hard to hide things.

  4. Joeyboy says:

    Another totally shocking headline and no news. You guys are just awesome with this. I mean the Zullo connection is just so DIRE. Joe please don’t get hit with a poison dart. There is an antidote for it. Just ve sure you get it. And, JOE, just quit whine about the LSM not giving you any respect. You know the nutcases like these and other blogs believe everything y say. You are the DUDE. When’s that next press conference.

  5. jong says:

    Well lets see it only took them three minutes this time to determine it was a fraud or had nothing to do with what was requested.    Bennett of course caved in we should have been standing behind him with a pitch fork .   Sheriff Joe however has the final say in his own baliwick and I think will take Obama off the ballot.  Which means that Obama will not take Arizona and may be some other states if their Sheriff also get up the nerve to get the poser off the ballot.

    • Rodger says:

      I don’t think that is Joe’s call. I think Secretary of State, Benet, is the one to decide.

  6. Hu2gh says:

    Hey, Hawaiian dopes. It is really elementary. Show the original to five honest people and hold a press conference with them and no Obamao thugs standing by like N. Korean watchers.

  7. Remington 870 says:

    Time for some Trump money to help Sheriff Joe open up this Obama Pandora’s box. Hawaiian Obama supporters have proven their complicity in comitting fraud for their Dear Leader and will never be trusted. We all know Obama is not American born. The Cowardly GOP Congress knows Obama is a fraud and yet hides under their desks. Time to kick out these cowards and put in Patriots not professional politicians. Time to expose Obama for the fake, Anti-American, liar, Communist and Muslim he really is.

    • kategray says:

      Even if the house brings charges, it has to be proscuted by the Senate and we all know the Reid will never do this as long as he is the majority leader in the Senate.

      • Chuck says:

        Right you are Kate!   Encourage people to register and VOTE for Romney, it is the only sure way to get rid of the cancer in the White House.

    • Bring'emhome! says:

      This will only gain the attention of our bed wetting representatives when several as soundly sent back home for failing to act.  Watch what happens with the selfish class when they fear for their power.

  8. Proudamerican says:

    I doubt anything will be shocking considering anyone with sense already knows or suspects that obama is phony.    Go sheriff Joe! you are on him like glue!

    • scgator2001 says:

      They are going to have to shutdown Sheriff Joe and the internet to keep the Obama lie going.  We all strongly suspect they are lying about the Muslim scumbag who is playing liberal, Joe is going to give us proof.

      Go sheriff Joe!

      • Guest says:

        Should make good reading.   Someone has to bring some action for it to be useful in the courts, or the House.   Rather than playing these games why don’t you just VOTE the imposter out of office, cheap and quick!

      • Rfh53 says:

        O is doing everything he can to shut Joe down. He has put his dogs from the DOJ upon him and if that doesn’t work….look for Joe to come to an untimely demise.

    • Guest says:

      True, but we must VOTE him out of office.  There is not enough time and no desire on the part of the House of Representatives to Impeach him.  Gather all the voters possible to VOTE for Romney.

  9. dad666 says:

    If Joe finds a possibility of fraud with the letter the state should immediately remove his name from the ballot unless hawaii shows them the original microfilm and any other documentation relative to Obozzos birth and or his time in Hawaii.  All employment records, tax records etc.
    The man is a liar and a fraud and Hawaii is aiding and abetting his fraud on the American public.

  10. enoughalready51 says:

    If it’s there show it and let’s get on with life.  Obama’s a fraud and he’s got tons of $$ backing him in this scam.  Birth records as far as I know are part of “Public Records” in every courthouse.  SO WHAT IS THE DEAL?  Obama, quit the lying , we have had enough!  Hawaii, quit the coverup, we have had enough!  Congress, come alive and require it, we have had enough!  EVERY candidate running for President of the United States should have to verify their eligibility for office by providing a certified copy of their actual birth certificate, period.  How hard is that?  It’s only hard when there isn’t one.  I think the SOS of AZ got some kind of threat to himself or his family to back off so he turned into a weenie over his request and accepted a letter.  Go Joe and let’s get-er-done, apparently no one but you is willing to find the truth.  As far as I’m concerned all members of Congress who are hiding behind this issue should be sent home, without pay and without their big fat retirement for not standing up on this issue and making this imposter prove who he is once and for all. And it should have been done BEFORE he was ever allowed to be on a ballot.  If he has a “real” birth certificate show it to us and we will shut up.  Until there is proof count me among the skeptics.

  11. AmericaFirst says:

    Why don’t Joe send someone to Kenya to get a copy of Obama’s real birth certificate?  If we get proof that he was born in Kenya….then that would be the proof…and Obama would out of his WH  job and turned over to a  prison to do his time of lying to congress and his treasonous treaties and regulations.

    • Inpcwizard says:

      It is likely that births were not recorded like they are here. Also it is more likely that Obamanites have sought out and destroyed any such records.

    • Gary Nolan says:

      Unfortunately, Romoney is as bad as Obummer — but in a more devious way (if that possible!) And it is. Romoney likes warfare, Obummer like welfare. Both are CFR members and both are heavily supported by the bankster elite.  Romoney would actually pave the way for MORE coercion and MORE socialism — the goal of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations). There is only ONE real choice who is NOT the “lesser of two evils”:  RON PAUL IN 2012!!!    [And he is NOT a member of the CFR: the 300 individuals attempting to control the world through UN rules/edicts.]

      • Rodger says:

        They say Ron Paul can’t win; but everywhere he goes there are enthusiastic crowds and, if more people took the time to know him, he couldn’t lose.

  12. Guest says:

    Where he was born is of little consequence, at the moment.   He must be VOTED out of office, if reelected the Republic is lost and he will continue to destroy the country.   Rally everyone you know to VOTE for Romney to save the Republic.

    • Rodger says:

      Romney will be only slightly better than Obama. If the Republicans REALLY want to save America, they will nominate Ron Paul. Almost anyone can beat Obama so why not elect a REAL patriot.

  13. Evermyrtle says:

    Only GOD can reveal the truth and HE will when the time is right. We are in the  end days and certain things will have to occur before HIS SON can  return. We are, as was Sodom and Gomorrah.Except for a small percentage of really sincere Christians, who are willing to accept HIS WILL, and so many who do not believe or who do not like want to accept HIS WILL for us.  It is like a saying that my Mother  used to tell   us, “you want to eat you candy and keep it.”

  14. Dodie1990 says:

    If Obama is found not to be Am erican by birth,  his supporters will not waiver. if he was removed from office, you will see riots like you cannot imagine. All the “minority” free riders will go ballistic and make 1968 look like child’s play.  be very careful what you wish for,,,,,

    • texasfedupgramma says:

       Nobody said it was going to be easy, or pretty!!!  If your country is not worth fighting for what is???

      • Gary Nolan says:

        Absolutely. The “line must be drawn in the sand”.  And look at the Watts Riots for instance: the majority of what was burned or destroyed belonged to (or was lived in) by many of the very people doing the rioting.  These people are like infants throwing a tantrum. But the parents/responsible Americans still have a responsibility to hold the line and not give into tantrums/riots.

        • Fisherman says:

          Yes, I was there doing both Watts riots.  The idiots burning down all the businesses and rioting were the ones that lived in the area.  Afterwards they were all crying on tv all the time that there was no place to shop as the buildings and small malls were burnt to the ground.  Stupid.

    • FrankCastle says:

       And when the smoke clears, there would be FAR less Democrat voters than BEFORE…. let them Riot!!

    • You cannot let the threat of terrorism hide the truth. Was it Jesus that said: ” I didn’t say it would be easy, I said it would be worth it”

  15. AJP says:

    When the RIOT’S  start ill be waiting we will see who has what.