Christian Woman Takes Podium at Muslim Event: 'Islam Will Never Dominate the US'

woman at podium A Christian woman took over the podium at the 11th annual Texas Muslim Capitol Day event on Thursday and declared, ""Islam will never dominate the United States and by the grace of God, it will never dominate Texas." You already know this bold and brave woman from an earlier stand she took at the National Cathedral in Washington. Her name is Christine Weick. The 50-year-old approached the podium, grabbed the microphone and said, "I proclaim the name of the Lord Jesus Christ over the Capitol Read more [...]
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Gun Range Owner Bans Muslims; Business Skyrockets

jan morgan Because she bans Muslims, this Arkansas gun range is an Islam-free zone. If I were in this business owner’s position, I don’t think I’d go this far. But at the same time, it’s her business. If she wants to bar certain people from her gun range for whatever reason, it’s her prerogative to do so. If she suffers as a result, maybe she should change her policy. The thing is, it’s quadrupled her business ever since she started enforcing the ban. And yes, she’s gotten the threats of lawsuits Read more [...]
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Rev. Graham: Secularists Are ‘Anti-Christ’ and ‘They’ve Taken Control of Washington’

rev. graham Secularism followed on the heels of communism after the Berlin Wall came down, and the two ideologies are essentially the “same thing” because they are “godless” and “anti-Christ,” said Reverend Franklin Graham, adding that the secularists have “taken control of our country” and “taken control of Washington.” “We live in a secular society led by people that call themselves progressives," said Rev. Graham, son of renowned evangelist Billy Graham, at the Oklahoma State Evangelism Read more [...]
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Obama-Phone Fraud: Over 13 Million Free Cell Phones Given Away In 2014

obama phone Among the free entitlements offered to lower-income individuals and those less fortunate are free cell phones subsidized by tax payments from the middle class. The program, originally designed under President Ronald Reagan and pushed into the mainstream by President George Bush, has exploded under President Obama with over 13 million phones issued to "qualified" individuals in 2014 alone. The phones are supposed to give people who would otherwise not be able to afford them a lifeline to emergency Read more [...]
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Sheriff Lashes at NAACP: 'Number One Cause' of Police Shootings is Black Single Mother Homes

black sheriff David Clarke, sheriff of Milwaukee County in Wisconsin, asserted on Tuesday that the NAACP was wrong to blame police for shooting black men when the problem was homes with single mothers. A body camera recording released last week showed an Muskogee police officer in Oklahoma fatally shoot a fleeing suspect, Terrance Walker, who dropped and then picked up a gun as he ran. Tulsa NAACP chapter President Pleas Thompson told KTUL that the shooting was part of a “shoot first and ask questions Read more [...]
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White House Pressuring Army to Let Deserter-Bergdahl Go Free

bergdahl2 As incredible as it may sound, the Obama Administration is putting pressure on The Army to let deserter Bowe Bergdahl go free after earlier reports he would be charged with Desertion. Maj. Gen. Ronald F. Lewis, the Army’s chief of public affairs, put out a statement Tuesday afternoon calling the reports, including one by NBC News, “patently false.” “To be clear there have been no actions or decisions on the Sgt. Bergdahl investigation,” he said. “The investigation is still with Read more [...]
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Obama's Promised Civilian Police Force: It's Happening Now

brown shirt As widely reported this week, President Obama hosted several young YouTube “stars” last Thursday and fielded their questions about everything from drones to education. Why YouTube “stars”? Well, because these folks have anywhere from 2.5 to 8 million subscribers to their YouTube channels, that’s why. It’s a way to effectively get the propaganda out. Obama wound up catching a fair amount of flak for sullying the office of the president in deigning to host what many consider to be cultural Read more [...]
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School Forces Kids to Drop Their Pants – Parents Outraged

gustine In a story that is enough to make one's blood boil, a Texas school is coming under fire from parents after the school forced twenty children to pull their pants down for an underwear inspection. The reason? They found feces on the gym floor and want to discover whose it was. Students at Gustine Elementary in Gustine, Texas was shocked and embarrassed when they were separated out and forced to drop their pants in a partial strip search after the school staff repeatedly found feces on the school Read more [...]
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Cruz: Obama Should Focus Animosity on Enemies, Not Israel

cruz4 In a statement from Senator Ted Cruz, the Texas senator blasts the Obama administration for going after Israel instead of Iran. “Has President Obama launched a political campaign against Prime Minister Netanyahu and his representatives?” Cruz says in the press release. “This administration’s relentless harassment of Israel is utterly incomprehensible. The Islamic Republic of Iran is pursuing the deadliest weapons on the planet, and there can be no doubt that their first target will be Read more [...]
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Michelle-O: Teach Blacks To Always Vote Democrat ‘No Matter Who’s On The Ballot’

michelle-o Monday on TV One, a cable channel who's programming is geared for African-American adults, first lady Michelle Obama told Roland Martin the candidate on the ballot and what they say or do should not matter to African-Americans because voting for a straight Democratic ticket best serves their communities. The first lady said, "Thats my message to voters, this isn't about Barack, It's not about person on that ballot, its about you, and for most of the people we are talking to, a Democratic ticket Read more [...]
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VIDEO: Obama Refers to Himself 118 Times in Thirty Three Minutes

obama video President Obama, speaking to an audience of mostly young people celebrating India’s Republic Day in New Delhi on Tuesday, told the crowd, “I realise that the sight of an American president as your chief guest on Republic Day would have once seemed unimaginable. But my visit reflects the possibilities of a new moment.” He pointed out that he was the first American president to participate in the country’s Republic Day and boasted, “And I’m the first American president to come to your Read more [...]
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CBO Now Says 10 Million Will Lose Employer Health Plans Under ObamaCare

obamacare titanic The Congressional Budget Office now says ObamaCare will push 10 million off employer-based coverage, a tenfold increase from its initial projection. The "keep your plan" lie just gets bigger and bigger. The latest CBO report is supposed to be a big win for the Obama administration because the projected costs are 20% below what the CBO first projected in 2010. But the CBO report also shows that ObamaCare will be far more disruptive to the employer-based insurance market, while being far less effective Read more [...]
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